Monday, March 11, 2013

Hugo Chavez

South America has been on the cusp of being an economic force in the world for as long as I can remember. Many leaders in South America have stood up and gave hope to the people.  The people believed that the improvements were going to be made. There have been a number of external factors that stall improvements such as the Asian financial crisis of 1990’s that impacted South America greatly. However, rich with resources and culture South America has been thwarted by poor governance.
Governance has been an issue for South American due to a number of reasons and Hugo Chavez exemplifies this issue. The grand plan for Venezuela is the Bolivarian Socialist Plan 2013-2019.és.doc
One of the major issues of governance in South America is socialism has often been the goal. For many the word socialism is equal to jihad. Socialism is not good for business and that is often the battle which is fought in South America. In reality what is good for business is peace no matter what the name of a style for social order is. There are those that can not get their minds to that level of wisdom. Without going into the death spiral of labels for economic systems, people need to know what is going on.
To a great extent Hugo Chavez provided the people with a vision and delivered on improvements to society.
Chavez was demonized by some because of his socialist views, tight control of media, treatment of political opponents, his fiery remarks and the leaders he has befriended. Most often these views were made from those that have done worse things. Also his views on capitalism are correct. Capitalism is not sustainable  and the current economic crisis is proof.
There are still great improvements to be made on the South America continent. Governments are still on shaky grounds in some countries, trade issues within the continent, and social concerns are in dire need of attention. Chavez showed the world that a plan is good to have, the will to see it through is great and finally the understanding that people are more important profit.

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