Sunday, October 3, 2010


For as long as I can recall I have been interested in creation. As a child it was to create the perfect ramp to jump with a tobbaggan, a wonderful goal in hockey, the best dive off a cliff. As I got older my thoughts changed somewhat. Now the thoughts I choose to create are the most peaceful societies, to create the best person I can within myself and to create the best life I can. All in all these are very personal and can be seen as selfish. However it is my nature to create equality to everyone around me.

Creation as I have become to understand it, starts with thought. Your thought sparks an set of events and then it is up to you to handle how those events are to be dealt with. Keeping in mind the original thought, what you have set out to do will transpire. This takes great dedication, focus, tenacity, and desire.

To be honest I have been off the mark in accomplishing many things yet I have learned so much that the few success that I do have are held with great fondness. There are a few failures that I will hold as equals to my successes because of the enourmous learning that took place.

In the previous posting I wrote about simplicity, well the matter of creation seems to be quite simple as well. However to be able to manage creation takes some effort, just ask any good parent.