Wednesday, July 16, 2014

From your mind to your hands - let Peace flow.

In my past writings concerning the wars taking place around the world, the plan to solve such wars are very easy to understand. The major barrier to peace is the cold reality that people are not willing to allow peace to take hold. Libya wanted a change of government and they have it. Sadly the hope of peace has not taken root. In fact the people of Libya are far worse today than they were five years ago. Libya is a perfect example of how the world geos about bringing peace. Basically it is a point, shoot, kill and leave a power vacuum for the shell shocked citizens to deal with. This is the leadership of our world when it comes to peace. More effort was put into stabilizing world banks after the Ponzi schemes began to collapse in 2005. What is more shocking is that we know peace is a very profitable environment to work in. We know that peace increases wealth. Yet there is a small, powerful element which works to ensure chaos. Millions of people live in hostage like environments as they must endure explosions, gunfire, death and injuries. As families are raised in this environment the children understand no other way of life but the chaos of war. This is what children understand as acceptable and proper surroundings of life. The most damaging part of this life is not the bombs or bullets. The most damaging element is the ideology of hatred and acceptable actions to kill another to solve conflict. This is what we are teaching are children when war breaks out. Yet almost every soldier who returns from war tells you that such an experience/existence should be avoided at all cost. When (or if) you read past writings posted here, you will notice a strong message of inner peace. Each of us has a duty to find peace within ourselves. We have the capacity to bring peace to the entire world. The only barrier to that goal lies within each of our minds. As you may read in past writings, war needs to met with a global effort. That effort is a total weapons ban, especially in such cases as Palestine and Israel, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and many other areas.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Middle East Insanity

Palestine and Israel are at it again, well to be more accurate, Hamas and Israel are at it again. There are few conflicts that hold the worlds interest as this conflict. With each peace talk and cease fire agreement that fails there will always be one more thing left undone. In no small part is this one thing an easy solution yet it is simple. What I am eluding to is a complete and total arms embargo in this entire region. The Iron Dome which Israel boasts about is not a solution nor a deterrent. In reality it is an imaginary cage in which the people of Israel have engulfed themselves in. This conflict is ideological in nature and thus no weapon we make will ever end the struggle. To end this struggle all weapons must be taken away and none brought in or made within the region. Already the politicians are playing with lives by giving way to perceptions of strengths and co-operation. Reports are being made that Israel agreed to a cease fire to give the impression they are co-operating. While Hamas has not agreed because they need to have the perception of not giving in. This is a war of ideology that is costing real life. How do we get to the point where perception gives way too reality? The United Nations Security Council is one of the problems. The permanent five members have acted childishly for their own ends. This dictatorship lead by the permanent five needs to find the courage to end the systemic violence that is now taken root in the Middle East. An arms embargo, more security forces, and a concerted effort to stop the ideological hatred between the people of the Middle East needs to start. The next step is to have educational programs that target the deep hatred set in the minds of the people. Of course many people will say that such a plan will take too long. Well we have had this garbage situation since 1948, so how much longer shall we try the same thing expecting a different result?