Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Corruption Management


There is a significant dispute as to what are facts. The debate is of such force that I am sure this time frame of the last 20 years will be of historic interest. At some point, the monster that has been released upon the world of late will be tamed.

Taking a step into a mindset of insanity, I rant:

We have the rise and impacts of the internet. The entire world is open to everyone who can get to a computer. The impact is just beginning, which is connected with the depths of electronic technology integrated into each person life. Households and the content of those homes are now connected to the internet, automobiles are connected to the internet and drive themselves, most people carry a mobile device/phone, billboards are now television screens, the average television size has expanded beyond necessary. A wristwatch is now command central where you can start your car, lock your doors and windows, tell you to buy toilet paper and probably give you wipe techniques for a better clean. OOOOOHHH, What can be done?

All this connectivity is stressing people out. As the cliché tells us, too much of anything is a bad thing. I hope we have a long way to go before we reach the tipping point, but I must fear that it is too close. What can be done?

The amount of garbage that takes place daily bothers me. To be as simplistic as possible, the garbage is corruption. This ranges from the person who wipes snot on a bathroom wall to those who say they are good drivers yet could not follow another car properly because they have to go faster than the speed limit. Also, there is the person who steals cars, those who are involved in human trafficking, and let us not forget about the corporate corruption, and state corruption. For years, these people have caused a constant gnawing of disgust. OOOOOHHHHH, What can be done?

Insanity rant over.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sense of Peace and Purpose

What is the goal of humanity? Ponder that question for a moment. When you feel you have a good grasp of a simple answer, put yourself at the centre of that responsibility to achieve that goal.

What characteristics will be different from your present person? If you say nothing, you are not being honest with yourself. If there was nothing to change, the world would be at total peace. Each of us is a reflection of the world. Right now the world has some massive challenges taking place. In turn, each of us must also carry a certain amount of responsibility to overcome these challenges.

Most of us can not handle the pressure of the entire world on their shoulders. Thankfully we do not have to, if each of us do our part. It must be a reality that many of us are not doing their part. Due to the fact that the world is not experiencing a great time of peace, there has to be many people that are not doing their part. The complexity comes form those who say they are acting in the best interests of others when in fact the opposite is true.

When the reality of intentions, actions, and impact result in breakdowns of peace, those involved in specific acts may be caught up in the chaos. For those people, they may not even understand they are acting in harmful ways. With that, we need to find away through all the hate that is being spread around the world. More specifically, we need to find away through all the hate in our own mind and then outwards from own lives.

From the work we do to find peace within our own minds, the focus needs to be extended into a purpose of peace outwardly. Seeking calm and patience while we work together for peace is a goal. This is most needed when the frustrations of life cloud the mind. Peace in purpose while we have purpose in peace. As we build a sense of peace, that work and purpose will become the pathway to a greater peace than we currently have.

Friday, April 29, 2022


 Even before there was a formal recognition of the study of peace, there has always been the pursuit to obtain an understanding of how to be peaceful. There is an immense amount of work done that discusses peace

Is there a program of peace at your school? Is there a faculty of peace at your school? Is there an institution dedicated to peace at your school?

Those questions point to a reality of school which is to educate, to bring understanding to the person and the world. To bring a singularity of thought to the questions above is to see that, in essence, school is a device for peace. Everything we study is a device for peace. Every society and organization built has, in its own way, sought peace. Even though we may not agree with how laws, rules, systems and institutions have all been devised to bring peace, the ideology of such actions has been to bring order, predictability, justice, rights, and truth to the world.  

A few theories and processes that have been fun to explore in terms of peace are chaos theory, complexity theory, social cubism, sense of coherence, reflective practice and community psychology. There are many more theories, processes and ideologies that are applied to understand peace. Some ideologies include religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This list can be endless.  Each are needed as people have their own versions of how and what peace is. With that understanding, because of the number of people, there are over 7 billion ways to achieve peace and that number is growing.

The difficulty of peace is when we have to mix these billions of methods into some semblance of singularity. For some, the ease of causing harm, using might, fear, and violence to find peace is the go-to method. For example Ukraine and the people who engage in corruption such as human trafficking. In such realities as those two, peace becomes a very difficult place for the mind.

In such situations, violence, revenge, hate, terror, loathing and a number of other elements that bring rot to the world can become instant reactions. In peace, instant reaction is an enemy. Peace asks needs us to be careful with what we are doing and thinking. Peace needs many things that include we have patience, empathy, forgiveness, fortitude, resolve, charity, and creativity.

We have a great deal of work to do and the rest of time to complete it. It would be best to complete such work as early as possible so that we can enjoy peace longer.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Trust can Rust

 In earlier posts I wrote about trust (Broken Trust and Peace, 2017. Trust and Peace, 2013 and Trust, 2012). The idea in this post is how we trust some people to be honest and others to be dishonest. There is another element where trust is slowly eroded – hence trust can rust. Now this erosion is not always a negative element.

Sometimes there are those who are trusted to be assholes, we all know a few of those people. When those people begin to change and lose that element of assholishness, that trust begins to rust and transform into a positive trust. This is like a copper roof rusting into a green colour which everyone likes. Sometimes things change and the manner in which we trust others can change as well.

On a global historical scale, we have examples of trust going from enemies to allies, such as the battles between France and Britain. For centuries these two fought all over the world with the final battle taking place in 1775 on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec. This battle is why Canada and RUSA are mostly English speaking countries. If France had won that battle, these two might have been French speaking countries. Again the two world wars pitted Germany and others against France, Britain and others. Today all of these countries form a military alliance under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

On a personal basis, each of us will have dreams. These dreams indicate a change of some sort. As the change takes place, the old you must rust and be removed. The old you will have a new layer of trust as the old version is no more. Each of us are in control of that process. How each of us will go through such a process and what we are at the end is always in flux. Sometimes we come out better, other times we may come out worse.

The next phase is to understand how we come out is always a learning experience. Taking the experience as just that “a learning experience” we need to see the benefits to building a peaceful person and society.  

Friday, April 8, 2022

Peace Rant


I am writing about peace. Peace is a concept and a reality of thought that is to bring balance to life. Peace is a path to walk into chaos and understand as well as know that you will get through to the other side with better balance than you entered into the reality with. You have to have the balance of life well-intended in your mind to give peace to the realities of being.

When you have the realities of peace well balanced in life you will see the benefits of teaching children, giving life to others, doing what is right and giving everything in your life the best you have.

The study of peace is a journey into the realms that sleep deep within your mind. That journey into your mind is a journey into the deepest depths of the universe. As we seek to understand ourselves, we seek to understand the universe. This balance is what brings us to the realities of being alive.

As we look around the world we see a great many things. There is a great amount of greed and the personal pursuit of material possessions. These pursuits only drive us to the paths of human materialism. This path is not the path of peace but a false path. Be aware that when you seek peace it I not in the form of materials but the form of spirit.

Peace is spirit first, it is understanding the path of helping others before you help yourself. Peace is the path that will allow us to achieve every goal that humanity is set out to achieve. As we seek to build nations, cities, towns, homes, skyscrapers, sports stadiums, statured, cathedrals and places of worship we seek to find peace.

We build hospitals and places of learning to help ease the pains e endure due to the individual pursuits of materialism. Peace is a spiritual goal that we must keep in the mind every minute. When we feel love, the heart-pounding, skin-shivering emotions of love are at the core of peace. We need to understand that the realities of peace are held within those emotions of feeling love for others than we feel for ourselves.

This love for the world is a major step in to journey to finally get to world peace. The journey is long because we make it so. The journey can be as quick as tomorrow if we dared to make the journey that short. However to do that we will have to give up the materialism that has a grip on many of us.

We see the many people who want expensive cars, houses, clothes, vacations, parties and lifestyles that are catered. Peace is none of that. Peace is understanding that the house you have is what you need. The amount of money that you make is not a condition of peace but a condition of unrest in the minds of those that seek it.

God is talking to us in the whispers of the wind. In that wind is the understanding of peace. It has already been given to us and has already been supplied to us. We have only to listen to the wind. We must have the courage to hear and endure the so-called insults of others as we shed the need and greed of having the expensive cars, houses, clothes, vacations and lifestyles.

The understanding of peace is that the world around us is all a game. We have to stand tall to face the world when it challenges us. We have to bring everything we have to the job at hand. The reality of Peace takes a great amount of energy and will to push forward.

As we build peace we must understand the past wrongs that have taken centuries to show us what was once the mentality of the people is now a shameful act of the people. These moments are episodes such as the truth and reconciliation commissions. such commissions will provide us with pathway s forward in peace. We have to have the slow characteristics of peace. With each step we take in peace there will be new opportunities.

Forming governments in the world will indeed need peace theory if these governments are going to push forward into new realities that are improved. We have years to ensure we allow peace to formulate the foundations of peace.

These foundations rest in the realities of trust, fairness, equality and righteousness. The world is needed to understand these items of government. As we write constitutions, bylaws and similar acts of policy, The goals of society which are peace need to be expressed in great detail in the documents of a society. How else are we to improve the world if we do not allow the transformation of each of us and embody the peaceful thoughts in our governing styles of peace.

What is peace? How do we find it? where do we go to feel its impact? All of these questions are important and each question should be thoroughly examined. If we are to be serious in peace, we must ensure that everyone has a say in the placement of infrastructure and systems.

We can not just through together a bunch of cities, and people, we must have a sense of what the people in the communities desire. We are bringing together ideology of past and present which will shape the future. We must communicate with each other to bring a solid plan to fruition. We must discuss with all people the plans, hopes, dreams, wants, desires, needs and understand the boundaries of possibilities.

We can build great things for peace. We can build magnificent structures that can bring awe to the world. As we understand peace, we are understanding the possibilities of the world. When we hope beyond the current understanding of the world and reach into the understandings of tomorrow, we will find new heights of peace. There is a world out there that we have not made yet that produces dreams beyond our current understandings.

These understandings are known as miracles. For God, there are no miracles. Miracles are things that transpire and can not be explained. When we reach the pinnacle of peace, miracles become possibilities and then the end of miracles will then come into being. This is the reality of peace.

Peace can provide much when we dare to reach for it. This courage is indeed rare yet not unheard of. Few people have been able to reach out and grasp the totality of peace. For many, the one person that has done that is Jesus Christ. He is the lone person yet he is the pathway of righteousness that we must follow. He gave us everything we need to be as he has shown us in all the deeds he performed.

This is the capacity for peace that existed. We have examples of peace that are present in the world. Do we have the courage to grasp onto the ways of peace? How do we get there? We have a chasm of understanding to forge through to merge the world. This is the duty of the people to ensure peace is obtained. We will have many chores to do.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Momentum and Instigators


Over the past few years we have seen an increase of rhetoric. This is a situation where the moments of influence fuels the fire of rhetoric. People on social media sending out half truths and opposition of the establishment are claiming to be fighting freedom yet they are only proving that they are the enslaved as well.

The entire message of reality is that each and everyone has the responsibility to act and be free. Being free includes the responsibility to understand how the world interacts in reality. The spreading of half truths and biased opinion further solidifies hatred and enemies. True freedom is being able to stay engaged peacefully with your enemies, opposers, those who are unwilling and those who are unable at certain moments to understand peaceful processes.

Each of us has a responsibility to understand not just oppose and quickly grab onto any “spark” of information that points to an “alternate fact”. Peace takes great effort, great courage, great heart, great sacrifice, and great understanding of others. That is the momentum that needs to take root.

What we are getting is the complete opposite. We are getting people who are quick to decide what is “truth” and what is “really happening”. We are getting instigators who are venting the frustrations of the world in blind fury. The target of frustration becomes the “they”. When all the fury is over the truth is often buried with the dead. As we look back, it is easy to draw connections and build conspiracies. The truth is more of the fact that no one organization would have ever been able to orchestrate such a string of events. For example the war in Ukraine:

There is little doubt that Putin wanted to ensure Ukraine was a better ally/friend to Russia. How this turned into a war is a series of mistakes more than a series of carefully calculated events. For many that is a difficult reality to accept because it points to the fact that there is actually no controlling element at hand.

The only avenue of control that anyone should actually be worried about is their own personal sphere. As your world expands to wanting to control or inform others, you take on further responsibility to understand in greater depth. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022


Times of turmoil

We are certainly in a time frame of great unease. As we look around for leadership, there is no better place than in the mirror. No one wanted a pandemic, no one wants to restrict the life we had known three years ago. However, in times of turmoil, strong measures must be taken to ensure the safety of all – not just the few.

To stand up for freedom and choice, you have to make sacrifices. You have to act with respect, responsibility, care and in all reality you must act selflessly. Those who stand, work and pay the price to ensure that peace is maintained are worthy of paise due to their sacrifices. However, we should never glorify war because it is nothing to be glorified.

Knowing the cost of peace is to understand the need to do what needs to be done, even when that means doing what will cost your life. Defending freedoms is not defending choice, it is defending the safety of others. We have vaccines, they have proven to work. That is why we are living to one hundred years on a consistent basis now.

Being pissed off about wearing a facemask, getting a vaccine, lockdowns and bubbles is understandable, everyone is. You want to protest to fight for freedom, protest about those who work in human trafficking, protest those who sell drugs to your children, protest those who organize crime, protest those who walk in the shadows to steal, protest those who sneer, mock and walk past the down trodden, protest those who only look out for themselves while their neighbour is crying out for help.

Protesting the vaccine, wearing a mask and other pandemic realities is only making the world take one more step towards complete chaos and war. We need to understand the implications of the pandemic, we need to work to ensure peace is the goal, we need to work to patient and caring with each other. The pandemic will end, The fight for peace will not and those that work to destroy our peace will still, sell drugs, sell our children, steal from us, cause harm in every manner possible to gain for themselves. We have a world worth every effort we can muster. All we need is to have the proper focus. Peace needs everyone to work or we will have none. At this point, we can go either way. Please be patient, please be careful with each other, please put your efforts to ward off what is truly the threat of freedom – the pandemic and those who operate criminally.