Monday, July 4, 2011

housing developments

Ever see the large signs selling houses in a new development?  For as long as I can recall I have always asked the same questions.  Where are the closest schools, corner stores, parks, libraries, banks, restaurants and other components of a community.

Each time I hear developers talk about how great the community will be they are building I wonder where they get that thought.  Without all the components there is no community yet developers sell the idea of such.  It is very much a smoke and mirrors ploy.  Someday developers will wake up and build parks, corner stores, transportation plans, schools and all other components of a strong community.

So far these developments are poorly designed for a strong community setting.  The developers often pay no attention to what makes a vibrant community.  When they do they off load the responsibility to build those components onto government, which only forces an increase in taxes.  If the forthought was made to build for community centres, parks and health care, the new developments may cost more but the result would benefit society even more so.

Developers must realize that they are not just building houses, condo and suburbs, they are part of building society and they must take greater responsibility to do so.