Sunday, August 10, 2014

History of hatred

History is always important, however when peace is the goal a great deal of history must be let go of. This reality needs to be understood as soon as possible in regards to the international chaos taking place from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea to the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The tension within this region has deep historical roots. We have one of the oldest battles between Islam and Christians taking place also Russia and the Republic of the United States are squaring up. There are other long term fights taking place such as radicals spouting rhetoric which places eastern philosophy and western philosophy at odds. The world economic system is being put into question as sanctions are levied in response to what is taking place in Ukraine. International travel has been impacted as well with passenger airlines being targeted. As the world moves along into an uncertain future we must stand strong and begin to rebuild peace. We must begin to act differently. We must begin to work together. The radicals will always be with us. However, there are relations that have grown out of step with what the world needs. Most importantly is the working relations around the Security Council table. These five members need to let history go. We all know that the invasion of Iraq was an illegal act. That invasion has caused the situation we are dealing with all across the Middle East. Now we must deal with that fall out. The International Criminal Court must deal with those responsible. That is their task. The task of the current world leaders is to let the history go, work to solve the chaos and bring peace to the region which is expanding. We only have a few short years before Afghanistan blows up again. When that happens there will be an even wider area of unrest. This widening of unrest will put the entire world in a situation that we have not seen since World War Two. War will have broken out in the widest area since 1945. From Libya to Afghanistan to Ukraine to South Sudan. This area will have a major impact if left unchecked. At the moment there is no one willing to do what is right and break old lines of hatred. We can not count on the permanent 5 members of the Security Council because they are the ones that got us into this mess. We must find new avenues of what was once called smart power. Circumvent the idiocy of those five countries and bring in a new future. On another front, the individual front, please act peacefully. Even though there is great unrest globally, peace starts and ends within each of our minds and hearts. Each of us must fight the devil of war within our own minds and hearts. This devil never leaves yet we have the choice to act. This is our most important role, to act peacefully in the face of the devil. There will be history of our own minds and hearts. I have expressed as much within this article. My own hypocrisy creeps out. Peace is possible though we must fight it first within our own minds and hearts. Let the history of our hatred be transformed into a desire to seek change within our own selves first.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The right to exist, to sovereignty and to live in peace.

Those three elements of life are the crux of the issues within every war taking place. The right to exist is without question. The right to peace is also without question however each of us will always have an ongoing personal struggle as we search for inner peace. The homeland territory or sovereignty is an element which complicates both the existence and peace elements. Territory wars are well documented and are fought by every living thing. We all battle for space to live, exist and to be at peace. In regards to actions Israel and neighbours are engaged in, sovereign territory is a major part. Compare maps of the area in 1947, 1967 and today. What you will see (as I am sure you know) is an ever increasing size of Israel. The right to exist and to have sovereign land are the reasons for the 1947 map change, however it sparked a war that rages today. When will the leaders of the world do what is necessary to end this war? I have written my plans for the solution many times. Basically it is a two state solution based upon the 1947 map. The largest International force ever assembled must completely remove of all weapons from the region of the Middle East. While the international force upholds the law, leaders negotiate the reality of peace with the condition that the international force remain for 75 years after the agreement is finalized. Everyone has the right to exist. We have seen enough of the ineptness of the stuttering peace efforts within this region. Another method must be tried. If we continue on with the same tactics, peace will never come. Greater death tolls and less peace will be the result.