Thursday, August 7, 2014

The right to exist, to sovereignty and to live in peace.

Those three elements of life are the crux of the issues within every war taking place. The right to exist is without question. The right to peace is also without question however each of us will always have an ongoing personal struggle as we search for inner peace. The homeland territory or sovereignty is an element which complicates both the existence and peace elements. Territory wars are well documented and are fought by every living thing. We all battle for space to live, exist and to be at peace. In regards to actions Israel and neighbours are engaged in, sovereign territory is a major part. Compare maps of the area in 1947, 1967 and today. What you will see (as I am sure you know) is an ever increasing size of Israel. The right to exist and to have sovereign land are the reasons for the 1947 map change, however it sparked a war that rages today. When will the leaders of the world do what is necessary to end this war? I have written my plans for the solution many times. Basically it is a two state solution based upon the 1947 map. The largest International force ever assembled must completely remove of all weapons from the region of the Middle East. While the international force upholds the law, leaders negotiate the reality of peace with the condition that the international force remain for 75 years after the agreement is finalized. Everyone has the right to exist. We have seen enough of the ineptness of the stuttering peace efforts within this region. Another method must be tried. If we continue on with the same tactics, peace will never come. Greater death tolls and less peace will be the result.

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