Monday, August 6, 2012

Syrian spread of violence

Ever since the Syrian conflict began there has been the question of violence spreading into neighbouring countries. As I look back in my own writings I have made note that such a case is possible. Now, I must take a different stance and say, violence can not spread because it already spread from outside into Syria and is still in the neighbouring countries.
The border along Iraq and Syria has been an open road for weapons and soldiers from day one. Therefore the fighting has been crossing this boundary. The same situation is taking place along the Turkish border. The fact that weapons and forces are crossing the border supports the reality the violence has already spread.
As you think about this conflict, think about this, the spread of violence will follow the acts of the rebels. The escalation of violence also rests upon the acts of the rebels. It is okay for the rebel forces to fight, shoot and destroy because they are the oppressed. The math of such a conflict goes as such, one shell from a tank is far worse than four hundred bullets from an assault rifle.
The sad part of all this is that we are still at the same point of resolution but moving faster towards complete chaos. If any international forces deploy on the ground it is best to use them to secure and lock down all border entries.
In reality both sides are equal in responsibility for each death. The blaming of the other is a lost venture. The complete reality which is always forgotten is that no one wanted a peaceful transfer of power. If peace were the true goal, there would be a new government in Syria right this moment. That road was spelled out in the 26 Feb referendum.
Here we are looking at a government falling slowly, an opposition group that is disjointed with no clear leadership structure and a future of more violence as the power vacuum is beginning to build. The future in Syria looks to be more of the same. Outside countries will support one side or the other, extremist groups will pour in just because they need the definition of turmoil and the average citizen will suffer greatly. The large scale civilian suffering will support the psychological reasoning to act violently in the minds of the children, thus prolonging war, building greater hatred of others who hold different ideology and costing generations of untold harm.
Even at this stage there is a great opportunity to end the violence before 2012 is over. However unlikely, to have peace, will take great patience, determination, wisdom and courage. We needed this a year ago and all we have gotten is hot headedness, rhetoric, propaganda, cowardice and immaturity. Such a reality is no surprise as we live in a world that demands instant gratification.
Peace is for the long term. It takes a great deal of strength to be faithful to a long term commitment such as peace. Also such commitment is easily lost when faced with the reality of instant gratification. As the subject matter is drawn out you see that, in the end, courage of peace has the quickest ending.
For example, we can look at the Czech Republic. They separated from two countries within a few years. The current situation in Syria will be lucky if they are living in conditions as they had just 18 months ago, five years from now. The difference is knowing what peace is worth and the resolve to carry it through.
Just easily as violence can spread, peace can also take root.

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