Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Politics and Peace in Turkey

From the Occupy Movement to the Arab Spring, we are always searching on a grand scale for peace, equality and/or a just society that supports the growth of society. On a small scale we, as individuals seek out the connection to belong, to contribute, be a valuable and trusted member of the larger society. As these dichotomies intertwine chaos can thrive, which is how we end up with situations taking place in the Middle East.

At present we have the people of Turkey now going through the very same steps as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain have/are going through. These steps put a great deal of stress upon the region. What makes the entire situation more problematic is the lack of peaceful leadership.

Weapons are pouring into the region with little knowledge of what organizations will have access to these weapons. The irony within such a scenario is that the weapons are being supplied by the members of the United Nations Security Council.

Where will the people of Turkey be in three years? Looking upon past events as an indicator, the people of Turkey are looking at the same future that exists in Syria today. The political turmoil, the social collapse and the decay of economics are very evident within Turkey that was present in other countries.

Here we are again on the precipice of chaos within Turkey. Political freedoms are being asked for in Turkey as they were sought for in Syria. As the government in Turkey has taken steps to control and guide the people of Turkey, the opposition to the direction the government is going has been growing.  

This protest in Turkey may be a short upheaval yet there is an element of regional unrest that has to be considered. Will the violence in Syria spread into Turkey? That may not happen due to the support Turkey provides the rebels operating in Syria. What we do not know is the capacity of the protesters in Turkey. Rebels within Turkey may arm themselves as fast as they did in Syria. However I am not so sure rebels in Turkey have plotted such an attack as they did in Syria.

What is positive about the situation in Turkey is the condemnation heaped upon government and by government officials in Turkey. At the moment all we can do is allow events unfold.

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