Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spies and violence

The past few months have been a wild ride for those interested in world events. The continued shame of the RUSA spy saga reveals the reality of distrust among all countries. Add to the mix the continuation of the Egyptian unrest within the middle east unrest and the world has another moment to question current leadership.

The level of peaceful trust in the world has taken a very large hit. Overall trust is there, we trust that we will be spied upon, we trust violent opposition if authority is questioned and lastly there are a great many of us trust that nothing will change.

The spy saga and the violence are a reality for all of us. As we look to the future we must exercise the option to be peaceful. A peaceful society has no need for a spy agency and that is a reality we must all work to realize. To continue to practice and live with spy agencies is a reality of the most hypocritical elements.  With the spy ordeal, the only reason it exists is because everyone does it. This is a philosophy rooted within cultural relativism – everyone else is doing it? We are not children playing in the school yard.

The people are demanding more from our leaders of the world and they should be. As we continue on with the distrust we can understand why people are so easily brought to protests around the world. The people are asking for honesty and getting more deceit. The people are asking for more open politics and are getting closed doors.

These are the days where what was only a dream a few years ago can be realized. These are the days where there is enough disorder for youthful thought to take hold of power. These are the days where we make the friendships with each other that work to change the future. We must seek those connections and build trust. We have witnessed how the current functions under the old system of distrust, violence, threats and spies. We are living in a world that is falling apart.

We live in a world that glorifies war and violence while laughing at those who offer a world of peace. Yes there are a few that are held up as peaceful but just look at how everyone has dealt with the issues in Syria? The threat of violence in Egypt is now slowly emerging as people grab power and rule with iron fists. Such methods are the ways of the past. Changing these methods will take a great amount of mental effort and long term commitment. The best part is that we can make that change it we want to. At this point in time there is enough will to make a significant step towards that peaceful reality we all dream of.

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