Monday, October 21, 2013

Power in too few hands

Whenever there is too much power held by too few the risks become too great. The recent government shutdown in the Republic of the United States is just one example of why diversity is good. This lesson has been taught to us when dictators, kings, or equivalent people fall suddenly. The same goes for world wide systems as well. The world has a great amount of work to rework both the political and economic powers around the world. With the recent fear that shook the world concerning the shutdown of the RUSA government, each of us has been given a warning about having too much power invested in one place. The world must work to divest this power and become more equal. Equality is a pursuit that has been a goal for centuries. Now that we are aware of how much good comes from achieving equality how can we not achieve more. There is no need to have so much economic power invested in one country. Nor is there any need to have so much power invested in five members of the Security Council. We are better than this and for us not to change these systems is failing future generations of a peaceful world. Each country must begin to make trade agreements and financial agreements with other countries. Stock markets based in African countries, South American countires and elsewhere need to be built and improved upon. We can no longer be held hostage by one country. This situation will only continue to happen as long as we allow power to be placed in too few hands. Of course there will be a great amount of work to be done but peace is worth it.

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