Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reaching Inner Peace

There are times in my writings where inner peace is mentioned. Having inner peace is crucial to global peace. Yet there is always the question of how to find that inner peace. There a multitude of websites to gather information and now this article is another. At the very base of being peaceful is the decision to be so. From there each of us will become peaceful and be very skillful as well. Another part of peace is that each of us has all the tools within us already. The task is to be diligent with being peaceful at every moment. Being peaceful begins at the very first moment of waking up. Be aware of the first thoughts for that day. How do you feel about these thoughts? What is the purpose of these thoughts? Do you feel in control of your life? Each of those questions relate to how a person thinks and feels about life. No matter what circumstances a person may have to deal with, the mindset of that person will be the most important part of that equation. This mindset is also known as a person spirituality or belief. At this point most people think of the religions of the world. However spirituality has very little to do with religion. Spirituality is all about the inner most values a person holds and defends. In this world many people do have money as the ultimate value and they put all their faith into the pursuit of that. For those such people, everything comes down to monetary gain. For others life is about friends. There are some that live for the moment and others believe in an eternal life. For some there is a deep connection to everything. There is also the religion component, which speaks to a path of inner peace. Reaching inner peace is an everyday decision. Each step you take is one more closer to that dream point of happiness. How long it takes depends on the person and there is no one clear way, other than taking each day a choosing to see life in a peaceful light. It takes very little effort to discover the prayers, mantras, meditation guides or sub conscience altering methods that relate to obtaining inner peace. Each one makes the point of staying focused on daily tasks and keeping a positive mindset. All of these elements do help. However, the basic point is that none of those work unless the individual decides to be peaceful everyday To reach the point of inner peace, make the decision at every moment you feel you are not at peace to be peaceful – do so because it is what you want to do. Being peaceful is a choice that should always put confidence in your heart and a smile on your face. It is doing the best you can and knowing it is your best.

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