Saturday, January 25, 2014

Syrian situation

The Syrian peace talks are a great example of what not to do. Furthermore, the action of the supposed friends of Syria and its neighbours have shown how not to bring peace to the region. We have known since the very outset of the Syrian civil war that weapons were being supplied to anyone that wanted the by outsiders. The main entering points were from Iraq, Turkey, Israel and Iran. As these weapons flowed freely, the violence increased. Yet we had to endure the hypocrisy of world leaders talking about efforts to retain peace and providing weapons at the same time. After years of such hypocrisy, still to this day the people of Syria must live in a war zone as talking heads admonish each other. How do we end this war, do this: Build a peacekeeping force that is mandated to heavily secure the entire border of Syria. At the same time begin the complete deweaponization of Syria. Once that is done, send in a different peacekeeping force that is mandated to police the laws of Syria. While this is taking place the peace talks/elections can take place. These talks and election preparation is to be monitored and carried out a coalition of the international agencies that focus on elections and peacebuilding. The time frame for the above plan is non-existent because peace has no time line, it will happen at its own pace. That pace must be respected and allowed to evolve. Forcing peace is phrase that in reality is an oxymoron, peace can not be forced – it must be nurtured, cared for, supported and education provided. The preconditions being put upon the peace talks such as who will lead Syria after the peace talks, who is at the table or finger pointing only prove to set the entire talks to fail. This failure will provoke further violence and for what - So that some half wit can get a verbal rebuke across? Such childish idiocy is what we are now getting for leadership in todays diplomacy leadership. The first mandate of a peace talk is to never pick a side. At this point everyone is responsible for each death so the finger pointing and blaming are a waste of time. In reality all we get from such tactics is a higher body count. Already we have children who can not recall a peaceful Syria, or even what life is like outside a refugee camp. These are the realities of poor leadership around the world today. Sadly, I think this situation will be with us for the next 12 years at least.

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