Friday, June 20, 2014


Rarely do we see war as an act of civic engagement in a political argument. However, war is the utmost physical engagement a person can delve into when it comes to politics. Such engagement is the brutal reality of war. As politicians talk about civic engagement we must understand the balance of such goals. Each war we experience begins with people protesting, shouting and asking for change. This civic engagement then boils over from words to fists, to bullets, to barricades, to grenades, to tanks, to bombs and then airplanes and finally a city is destroyed. Egypt did not fall into complete ruin or as much ruin as did Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, ort others. Ukraine has also seemed to dodge the complete destruction of war. In each situation, the civic engagement went out of control and into a realm of chaos. Why? How do we balance such civic engagement from spiraling out of control?

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