Monday, March 23, 2015

Two State or Multiple Solution?

Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran have been dealing with the Kurdish peoples desire to have their own state for many years. That reality is shaping into being due to the recent collapse of Syria and Iraq. Not only is the possibility there for a Kurdis state but also a Sunni state in Iraq. In 2007 many people talked about the breakup of Iraq into three separate parts. During those times it was seen as insane to create three separate states. The reason being is that the three would be in a constant war scenario. Lost in that argument is that fact that Iraq was already in a constant war scenario. Here we are almost ten years later, still at war and still in dire need of solutions. The method of shooting our way through has only made things worse for the entire world. As we go back to seek another solution, the multi-state issue has cropped up again. Looking at the multi-state solution was not popular in with the Palestine/Israel conflict for many years either. Over time the reality has given leaders the wisdom of peace to understand that was the only real option to begin with. The same wisdom has just started to settle into the minds of those looking into the future of Iraq. Has the time come for the breakup of Iraq? To some extent Iraq has already broken up. For those that are fighting within Iraq they may believe that they are fighting for their state - such as Kurdistan. This scenario will be one of great complexity added to an already complex environment of chaos.

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