Saturday, June 13, 2015

Which side are you on?

Across the world we have witnessed a number of movements explode into chaos and then into civil wars. The Arab Spring is one such movement. This movement began as a peoples demand for fair governance, equality and to reduce the gap between rich and poor. Unfortunately most of the countries where demonstrations took place have slid into civil war. The most damaging demonstration has taken place in Syria. The situation in Syria has confused many world leaders as to how they should deal with the chaos. The Canadian Prime Minister has stated he has no clue which side to support. Russia and the Republic of the United States of America (RUSA) are always at odds and Syria is no different. Next we have Saudi Arabia who are strong allies with RUSA yet are actually supporting the groups fighting against RUSA. Oddly enough RUSA also supported the rebels (terrorists) in the early stages of the Syria chaos. This is the crux of confusion of which side to support. To add further confusion, many statements of the cold war mentality have sprouted up. Some world leaders are saying that the Cold War is over while others see its continuation. For this writer, the Cold War has been renewed on many fronts and the Ukraine is a front line. Syria as well can be seen as an extension of the Cold War with a mix of old war crusades. With such labels the truth of the matter is that war is war. No labels are really needed as to the participants, politics or place. When people start killing each other on the scale which is Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, etc… the ideology, politics and or place become second to the solutions. With that statement taken seriously, there is only one platform to focus on. Only one side to be on. Only one issue to be discussed. The one platform is Peace.

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