Sunday, July 26, 2015

Governing peace in your community

The past year we have witnessed the brutality of ISIS, Iran breaking down barriers, Cold War tactics ramp up and a number of other incidents which make the entire world unsure. How we got to this point is a very important path to know and understand. Of course each of us will have a different interpretation of that path. Furthermore, each of us will have a different view of how to deal with the realities of today. Lets take the Israeli/Palestine situation as an example. Israel backs up its actions by stating the need for security. This security is due to the constant call for Israeli demise by some neighbouring countries and regional organizations. This leads to Israel overtly working to accomplish a similar task in the name of security. Such a situation is not sustainable for peace and Israel is screaming foul as Iran negotiates a nuclear deal. To be completely honest and fair neither side of any recent conflict have acted with honour or with a peaceful mindset. Sadly, the goal which is sought is often good governance and a peaceful society. Regretfully, no one can point a finger at anyone because most countries have committed and are committing acts which destroy peace. The same goes for the many organizations which seek to bring structure, order and peace. A glaring example is of ISIS acting in a completely hypocritical manner. To keep a positive mindset though is of great need. These are difficult times and with that comes great opportunity to change. The positives are the many individuals working in their communities to have peace, despite the chaos of war surrounding them. The people ensuring hospitals, schools, local markets and basic services are supplied. There are people working to build communities which focus on a supportive, inclusive and accepting ideology. Some of these people are profiled in the following website: It is these people that provides and environment for peace to grow. From there the governing of the wider society can also grow.

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