Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Military build up in South China Sea

In past writings this topic has been the main point. In the past fifteen years the situation in the South China Sea has grown worse. In truth there is no reason why this could not be solved already. For the past twenty years in the South China Sea many confrontations have ignited over resources and territorial claims. During this time we have witnessed a few other wars that have kept the South China Sea off the major news screen, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, the Jasmine Revolution and others. However the possibility of a major war being sparked has worried some for many years. The South China Sea has many countries overlapping each others claimable territorial zones. The countries involved are Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and China. Within the sea are the Spratly Islands, Paracels Islands and the Scarborough Shoal. Each of these have a claim on territory which is debated by other countries as they battle for the riches of resources that lay beneath the ocean. During the past number of years the price of oil increased and rhetoric put a stress point on claiming territory. In response to the rhetoric being increased many countries have begun building up military capacity. China is no different as they have really put a great deal of effort into increasing their military capacity. As this area slowly boils up, it is easy to understand the China will have a greater capacity to submit force in both economics and military. When you live in a world where might makes right you can see why the smaller countries have a legitimate fear of being pushed aside if not crushed. What is the world to do? If we are to cut the head off of an impending war we must act as soon as possible. At present there have been efforts to negotiate an end yet for whatever reason no end is in sight. Looking into the future it appears that war is going to happen based upon how the situation has been going. The only reason such situations blow up is due to greed and power. There is no other point to such wars. China exerts itself because it can. To be honest, China is only doing what Russia, RUSA, and other countries have done. Even though that is a childish excuse it is the reality of the situation in many of the wars we endure.

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