Sunday, February 14, 2016

Global Power Struggle

As has been stated before, Syria is a grand example of how not to conduct a process to end a violent conflict. Never mind the violence taking place on the ground, one of the largest barriers to peace rests with two countries that really should have no say in how the peace process is dealt with. These two barriers are Russia and Republic of the United States (RUSA). From the very outset of the Syrian war, these two have caused a great deal of damage just by holding up the process of peace. Here we are five years into the destruction of Syria and there is escalation of fear in a worsening situation. What is the reason for this escalation? What is so important that we must allow millions of people to be destroyed as we do close to nothing to end the violence? To be completely realist, the only reason is ego. Sadly the flag of complexity will be raised as solutions are discussed. Well in truth there is a complexity involved which deals with relationships of global power. Syria just happens to be the proxy war the childish behavior of Russia and RUSA is being waged upon. How are we to bring peace when the two major powers are actually fighting each other? Even though we have to acknowledge the difficulties, the true nature of the challenges rest within the complete idiocy of leadership. This war is made ever more painful when we realize that it could have been stopped years ago. Here we are today with the possibility of another five years to endure the destruction of people. As that continues we are ever more increasing the chances of more hatred to take root in the next global terrorist leader. There is no one actual method to the Syrian war. We must come to understand that the peace effort has taken the same route as the war – weak leadership that allows individual actors to drift along doing as they please with no consequence or remorse. The solution absolutely needs the voice of each person in the world to stand up and demand their leaders act with less combative ego. Until we come to terms on a unified strategy, leadership structure, ideology and outcome goals we are doomed to have this war rage on for many more years.

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