Monday, September 12, 2016

Managing War

There is no worse situation we can dream of than the inner struggle/war a person has to deal with. Sometimes the inner battle spills over to the point where the person harms themselves and/or others. When it involves others, the blast radius can encircle the entire world. This is why every single war is started in the mind of a single person. In our efforts to mitigate the damage caused by a widening of inner struggles, we must care for that individual, each other and ourselves. Taking the international wars into consideration with the above paragraph, we can see how a single countries personality becomes so important. The events taking place inside any particular country is something that we must be aware of and care about. We also have to be honest when we answer the question of what our ultimate goals/reasons are for being alive. We all know that money is often the driving force behind most of our efforts. Yet what we often push aside is the honest answer of why we do anything. Those two factors of money and honesty can pull us in separate directions. Now with a global mind we have to ask why does China, Paraguay, Russia, Lesotho, Canada, Myanmar or Estonia act as they do?

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