Thursday, October 20, 2016

Doing what is right/just.

To put this simply as possible, you can drive a Ferrari, Cadillac or a beat up 1987 Ford F150 truck, if you are a bad driver the vehicle will be of no help. We often seek better things in hopes that it will improve the self. What actually takes place is the waste of good resources, harmful impact and the erosion of trust. This erosion is impacting our education, healthcare, governments, communities, friends and even our families. I am growing so tired of hearing the phrase – it all comes down to money. If that is true we are all dead or worse we are just walking zombies feeding and chasing a false idol. For example, we have had instant wireless communication since Marconi inventions in the late 1880’s. Since then we have seen two world wars and massive death tolls, but have we had better communication? We certainly have more communication but the quality is questionable. This is an exact example of our main struggles today. We have wonderful things yet are we utilizing them to improve ourselves? What we get on all media platforms is speeches of togetherness, freedom, family, security, excellence, peace of mind, caring community, beauty and even love. Yet the reality is we are being sold something for a price and the true cost is far greater in damage. After years of working in the most desperate situations this world can offer, our problem is not a lack of food, money, water, communication, education, healthcare, or opportunities. Our problem is the lack of interest to fair distribution, greed and poor use of these elements. The argument against what I am writing here is that we need to work, support our families, communities and we need to provide our children with the best possible life. I understand these arguments. Understand this though - you can raise a child in a castle or a shack, neither will matter to that child. The most important item is to know they are emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically secure, supported and loved. The irony of all this is that we have the intelligence to live without the stress of monetary limits and endless pursuit of material wealth. We have the intelligence to know that a child does not need a kings palace to realize dreams and achieve greatness. We have the intelligence to build such a society, we simply choose not to live in such a manner. We are judging ourselves and others using a monetary measuring stick. If you question that realize the quickest way to be viewed as an important person is to win millions of dollars. You can have the best things this world offers and still fail. We have to get back to doing what is right/just no matter what the dollar amount is. If you ever get the chance to live in such a society you will immediately know that money/material wealth do not even register on the list of worries.

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