Monday, January 15, 2018

Connundrum of life

For those that keep watch of the world, it is understood that every war carries through to the next war. No war ever really ends it just transform and takes on a different look. Today we still have the volatility of the Middle East – that has been a reality for centuries. Due to that history, many connections can be drawn as to what comprises the causes of war in Syria and Yemen.

Ten years ago if you asked what would happen if a major war broke out in the Middle East, what would your thougths be? Most likely, many of us would have thought the world would be engulfed in full out war. Reality is a full scale world war has not taken place. That is a testiment to our collective experience in which we learned not to reach that level of insanity. However, we are being impacted by a different level of world concern.

For argument sake the start of the war in Libya, Syria and Yemen was sparked with the Jasmine Revolution/Arab Spring/Occupy Movement. Depending on where you lived in the world the name of the movements changed. Labelling aside, the constants in each movement rest in the fact that people were tired of corruption. Along with that was the call for improved governance, fair distribution of wealth and essentially, peace of mind that the future was going to be better than it is today.

It is that last part which is of vital concern – peace of mind that tomorrow will be better than today. This vital component is every individuals duty to care for. If you are not at peace within your own mind take care of that first. This is the connundrum of life where being selfish and taking care of others collide. We must take the sticks out of our own eyes before we can do so for others. Self worth must be acknowledged to have the strength to help others. This ideology is just as valuable to the individual as it is to every single country in the world.

  To bring peace to the countries of Libya, Syria and Yemen we must listen to those who live in the rubble of war, the displaced people of refugee camps, the vendors in the markets, the youth and those that are seeking better lives in other countries. The information gained from the people helps others around the world to understand options and solutions for long term peace.  IT is imperative that a time frame is not imposed on peace as well. A longterm plan is not five years but 100 years. As peace settles a major international force must be deployed to enforce all laws of the nation plus a complete weapons ban.

Such efforts are not easily accomplished yet the truth of that path is known and trusted. What has been lacking is the complete will of the world to engage in such a seriousness. It is the same with each of us. We all know what needs to be done to have a peaceful life yet very few of us actually act upon the wisdom of their own knowledge.
Each decision and action carries through to the next. We can not escape history even though we do our best to hide, confuse, alter and sometimes flat out deny decisions and actions taken. If we cannot be honest with our own self how can we be trusted by others? Again, this is the connundrum of life where being selfish and taking care of others collide.

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