Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Whether we realize we are building society every minute or not, society is being constructed by our thoughts and actions. Of late, we have seen how vulnerable we are to half truths, coruption and apathy. These intrusions upon our society have come to a point where questions are not even asked about it. What is ironic is that many people claim to be great at critical thinking and communication. At this point we maust ask oursleves, What are we building?

Take for example the group of people who ransacked a street in Hamilton Ontario Canada a few weeks ago. A group of people marched and caused damaged together while holding a banner stating they are "ungovernable". How did they even get together as a group? Who made the sign, who decided to carry it and ultimatley what collective purpose are they banding together to popularize? Are they trying to inform the public about irony, oxymorons, idocy or perhaps their meeting was just a mystery of chaotic happenstance?

In all reality we know what an ungovernable, anarchistic society looks like and that is Syria right now. Knowing that, why would anyone want to promote such a society? To answer such a question it might be helpful to use a cliché – “the subject of a persons complaints or accusations are more about that individuals needs and wants than what is taking place outside their life”. Where does that leave us with building our societies?

For example, the axiom popularized by Winston Churchill, “Democracy is the worst form of government except all others we have tried thus far”. In that statement the questions arise, “What is the best form of government and what are we doing to implement that form”.

No matter where you live in the world there are basic rules everywhere which begin with respect for each other. Although the frameworks, systems, laws and cultures vary, each society is rooted in similar foundations of peaceful existience. Within that interplay, each person needs to have their own point of decision, to make their own experiences, to have their own sphere of understanding and ultimately live a successful life.

When a person begins to feel that society is out of control the individual seeks control. This is exactly what has taken place in Syria. This is most likely why a band of “ungovernables” went on a rampage in Hamilton as well. There is also the reality where you create chaos and then bring order just so you can be the one to be seen as the person who brought peace to chaos. Such a tactic sounds stupid but this is the reality of many peoples thought process. Then again there are those who cause havoc so they can watch the mayhem. A form of sadistic behaviour.

With these types of people rampaging across the world, we must look at how these actions provide informtation to improve society. Clearly we need more of an involved and informed citizenry. We need to strike a greater balance for peaceful discussion when difficult situations arise. We need to provide avenues for the public to release their anger in a positive manner. We need to improve education on being peaceful. We need everyone to improve their skill sets in areas of peaceful societies.

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