Friday, May 11, 2018

Iran Nuclear Deal

As the Republic of the United States of America (RUSA) backs out of The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or “Iran Nuclear deal”, there are many questions being asked. The first question is, Is the plan worth keeping? Obviously some are saying no and some are saying yes. To make sense of this situation we must understand what is lost in the discussion is the context of trust.

Being absolutely honest is rare and even more so within the context of any Middle East peace talks. The issue of nuclear weapons is a “trap door” issue with Israel. They will not say if they have weapons or not. This sets out a dialogue such as this:

Iran - “Israel does have them so we must also have them to safe guard ourselves”.

Israel -“If we did have them, we would be in full legal status to use them”.

Iran - “You want us to trust you when you will not even state a clear answer on a such a critical subject. History tells us not to trust you”.

Israel - “You are the ones not to be trusted”

Iran - “It is you who is not trustworthy”

Israel - “No, you are”

Iran - “you are”

Israel - “you are”

This is the exact reality of the situation. We have a classic Joseph Heller catch 22 taking place in the Middle East. To solve this insanity a leap of faith must be taken. That is exactly what The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is. With leaps of faith, you have to make the landing at least and hopefully the next two step after the initial landing to judge success. At present we are just making that initial landing and it appears we are going to crash in a spectacular fashion.

Here we are today, mistrust is once again the hurdle we stumble on. Each side wanting the other to make the first step but neither wants to let their guard down due to the mistrust. Both sides become angry at the slightest of perceived infractions. This is quickly followed by a few bullets and/or missle strikes. Then we all climb back on the merry-go-round rhetoric of - “you started it”.

What is the world to do? Well for this person, the solution is for the world leaders to take the unprecedented step of forcing peace. This is done by enforcing a complete and total military weapons ban. Through a United Nations Resolution, the world steps in with overwhelming presence to evaluate and monitor every single shred of evidence in the entire region concerning weapons. A force of five hundred thousand peacekeeping personnel should be a minimum troop commitment.

That plan has been submitted many times already. Each time the response/reasons given for not doing it is that the world does not have the courage to implement such a drastic plan. So we continue on each day as we build more weapons, deepen the hatred, point fingers, scream, yell and actually kill eachother. All this takes place as we say we are working to bring peace. Back to the drawing board we go with another scratch upon the wall of attempts. God help us.

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