Friday, June 15, 2018

Peace costs more than money

Of late the world has to work with a chaotic personality in Donald Trump. We have endured personality attacks, trade threats, vague/weird messages, etc... Each of these are sent out through social media. As each message is deciphered trying to understand what is meant by these outbursts, chaos is furthered. Such a reality is most dangerous in a world of fragile peace for the simple reason that people often confuse understanding with agreement. In that light lets go down a path of one of Trumps largest issues - being treated fair.

There is no doubt that Trump is a person that believes the ends justify the methods (Machiavellian). What that means is that he agrees to use the most deplorable methods as long as his objective is met. For example, calling your friends a security threat to gain an upper hand in trade or torturing a person to death is acceptable as long as some information is gained. Although such tactics work in the short term, in the long term it creates a very unpeaceful reality because in the end there is no room for fair treatment. This is the exact reason Machiavellian ideology fails and we risk being worse off if the entire world uses similar tactics. If everyone uses such tactics, the entire world will live in a reality like Syria is right now. This crossroads is where we are in terms of Donald Trump and his style of leadership.

One method of dealing with this type of person is to call their tactics out publicly. This does two things, one you call their bluff and you give notice that you are prepared for the eventual next time such a tactic is used. The bluff is the hypocrisy of Trump asking for fairness when he is not being fair, honest or truthful himself. Now if the decision is to engage in trade wars, the question becomes, how far are you willing to go? That question is what the world is facing right now with Trump. In that line of thought you have to envision a reality where the world freezes Trump out of every meeting and negotiation. A new world of trade routes will open up, new relationships forged and a shift of major proportions will take place.

Each of us has to understand the reality of truth. The truth is that this world existed and prospered before there ever was the mere thought of the USA. Furthermore, the world can do so again. This is the reality of such tactics in which Trump is risking. Sadly he is most likely not even aware of such and outcome because to him he is at the top running the show. The irony here is that in such situations the only part that matters is the foundation, the top can be cropped off. Basically, that phrase is the essence of a democracy. Again, it is sad that the person at the top is willing to sacrifice the foundation. What else would you expect from a person who is Machiavellian? Fairness is not what he wants even though he exploits the virtues of such a platitude. For everyone else, we have to explore the lengths we will go to put an end to the chaos Trump is creating. The time for that decision to be made is today and for each of us to show leadership in your choices.

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