Thursday, December 1, 2011


The United Nations sees Syria as a civil war.  By making such a statement as that will keep the Security Council out of the responsibility target.  I guess Libya was more than a civil war? 
To be honest and truthful, I know that the United Nations Peacekeeping offices cannot be the answer to every situation that comes to be.  However, why do we have to have such dichotomous political statements?
Why is it so hard for the world to say that what is going on in Syria is a crime against its own people?  There are 4 000 killed already.  The number of killed will grow with the knowledge that the UN will not allow intervention.
The larger danger is that the situation is quickly becoming too chaotic in Syria.  In such a state there are vast opportunities for both legal and illegal trading of weapons and stockpiling.  The opportunity for terrorists in the region to collect weapons is now improving daily.  Not that there already exists such opportunities but the doors are even more open now. 
What we are witnessing is a perfect storm of hatred being stirred up.  Syria has always been a country living within the mix of chaos.  Yet at the moment we have a situation where a complete collapse may occur.  If Syria becomes a failed state the world will have to do something then.  That situation can be entirely stopped if the world would have the courage to stop such idiocy.
The question will arise about when to intervene, well I think 4 000 dead is about as good an indicator as you can get.  In addition, we have to take into account the region is volatile at the best of times.  Syrian politics has an impact on every other country in the region. 
To me, it is a sad reality that the permanent five members of the Security Council can rarely act as a cohesive team.  These five are a disgrace to the entire UN system.  Each one will step on any small nation, provide weapons to any rebel group, look the other way as each other carries out illegal operations and support those actions by abstaining votes. 
All the while soldiers and civilians are killed as they follow rules and try to make their own lives meaningful.  Well, as I said before, not every situation can be dealt with.  I just wish the world showed more resolve than what is being shown.

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