Monday, November 28, 2011

Life and conspiracy

For whatever reason, I have been reading a great deal of conspiracy information.  Of course the date 11 September is a big one.  That day has held the Munich Games Massacre in 1972, President Allende of Chile was assassinated on that day in 1973 and the multiple bombings in the RUSA were on that day in 2001.
Now I enjoy a good conspiracy and the above three certainly fit the mould.  The ultimate battle of conspiracy theories is to bring truth to light.  Conspiracy also brings an impact that breeds distrust, and for good reason.  To conspire is to deceive, hide, lie and cheat.  To me such activities are terrible for the purpose of building solid and peaceful societies.  Unfortunately there are those that believe otherwise.  If there were no such people that delved in deceptive acts, we would not have so many problems as we do today, alas we do.
For me the best information that a conspiracy theory holds is the impression it foists upon a certain group.  For example the last item on the list took place in 2001.  Now if we are to believe the conspiracy theory, we would have to believe in the fact that the government is an evil, uncaring, sadistic, war mongering entity.  Furthermore, even if you do not believe, you have to acknowledge the fact that a great many do.  Now, because a great many do believe in the conspiracy, that image is a reality and therefore true – for that sector of the population.
With that we have a sector of the population that is untrusting of government.  It is a healthy part of thinking that must question everything, otherwise you can never learn.  However what is being destroyed is the trust even when the absolute truth is being told.  When that situation occurs there are grave circumstances about to unfold.  This is where the corruption of minds and society take root and the first steps to violent war takes place.  This is where the spiral of deceit into the chaos of war and hell first plunge.
Wars are usually fought for reasons of past injuries.  When the war takes a physical form and blood is shed the entire world suffers.  The solution is difficult because most people will seek to kill the other.  What they are forgetting is that you cannot kill thought, which started the entire war to begin with.  On and on it goes, where it stops no one knows.
As we think about the past and mourn the losses incurred, we must think of how our actions will either fuel more hatred or build more trust.  From all the wars I have been involved in I can tell you that killing has rarely made a situation improve.  Killing another human is not something that I would want the youth to learn, witness or have a need to engage in.  As I think about that, I feel the same need that youth should feel a freedom to ask questions because they are curious.  In return, the answer they receive should be one that is truthful.  Lastly I would love to believe that no government is so evil as to have a desire to kill its own people for any reason, but I have seen such actions and I know the evil that exists in the world.
All I can say is that I wish every nation was able to be trusted and not feared.  Too bad we have to live with such insanity as to not be able to trust each other for fear of deceit and death.  Really, which countries do we trust?

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