Friday, November 25, 2011

Why we need governments.

Many times have I said that the people do in fact rule the world.  I have also stated many times that half the world is insane and at least, a quarter of the world is filled by uncaring, selfish, paranoid, power hungry individuals. With this combination we need to provide a system that can offer some sort of organizing factor.  Basically we need government to deal with all the assholes in society.  These people will do everything they can to be at the top of whatever ladder they feel a need to be atop.  In order to help control the assholes, society must build some sort of system. 
If you wanted a simple explanation of why governments are needed that is it.  Then the reality of that explanation comes into play.  The asshole that will do anything to get to the top will seek the top and give government a bad image.  As we sit here today that image is well polished as many a self - serving asshole has killed, robbed and spread fear to gain power, then retained it.
No matter what situation we look at the above statement can be applied – Syria, Egypt, DRC, Italy, Columbia, Canada, Russia, RUSA etc.  You may wonder why Canada is there; well the current government has shut down parliament twice in the past five years.  Not all that crazy compared to Egypt, Libya, DRC or Columbia but Canada is a slippery slope example.  However, other situations are more violent and the need for a more peaceful government is far greater than what Canada’s needs are.
From one atrocity to another, that has been the way life moves along in the Democratic Republic of Congo and we may see it rise again during the next elections.
At the beginning of November, opposition party rallies were violently broken up.  Vote buying is rampant, as the election draws near, 28 Nov 2011.  In the Eastern provinces of Kivu where much of the current violence take place, a known war criminal stands for election.   
Elections are a perfect time for cover ups due to the frenzy of excitement.  Even though communication around the world increases every day, the media is easily distracted and can be played like chess pieces.  Even more important is that the population of the world is tired of such reports, especially when Syria is on the verge of all out civil war.
The DRC is an important link to peace on the African continent.  The people can only dream of a day where peace was the normal way of life.  Even though most of us are not citizens of the DRC, the people there have endured a hellish world and we need to help them regain their country through peace.  Someday a child in the DRC will live without the chaos of violence.

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