Sunday, November 20, 2011

Impact of corruption on USSR

We are living the impact of what corruption brings.  The European Union is at the verge of collapse, China owns the Republic of the United States of America (RUSA), people are in the process of governmental purging – all due to corruption, waste, mismanagement and poor leadership in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.  The Occupy movement is making a stand but needs to regroup.  Perhaps the Occupy movement should pool their entire resources and purchase a multinational corporation.  Aside from that the complete picture of corruption around the world is showing its face.
The current situation makes me think of the USSR during the 1980’s.  The level of corruption and mismanagement was so bad that the politicians at the time felt it necessary to close the doors on the USSR and open up as Russia, thus came Glasnost and Perestroika. 
During the 1990’s I paid a great deal of time and focus in Russian history.  Mostly because I felt that the people of Russia and Canada formed a bold and daring relationship, starting in 1972.  Also the friendship was enriched through diplomatic avenues.  Furthermore, I was impressed with the courage that the Russian people exuded to embrace realities they saw during the 1980’s.
Now the issue of the cold war will always be linked to glasnost as it should because the Russian leaders knew that the world was dead if things continued without change.  Knowing that there was going to be no honest co-operation from the RUSA, acting unilaterally, Russia set out to build a more peaceful world.  They began by telling the world that the cold war pursuits were insane.  Then they looked internally to the realities within their country. 
Politicians were blinded by realities of infighting and personal goals within the USSR.  These two components ripped the fabric of any cause for unity within the governing system of the USSR.  A whole sale change was needed to end the corruption and so it began.  A courageous step into the unknown, which is still being worked out.  A greater act of peace is difficult to find.

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