Wednesday, November 23, 2011


"Violence breeds violence. Now, unfortunately, Syria has come to a point of no return," as stated by Turkish President Abdullah Gul.  Certainly Syria is in a mess due to poor conflict management skills of both the government and the people.  The way forward will not go without many more deaths and for how long is unknown as well. 
In such circumstances the main goal is to end the chaos as soon as possible.  Shooting people and shouting threats will solve nothing here.  One side will have to do the unthinkable - be wise.  On another front of the Syrian situation we have the global response to deal with.
There is no shortage of leaders uttering statements about how to end the violence in Syria.  In an effort to help, governments discuss sanctions being levelled against Syria.  Putting sanctions on a country has a debateable impact and is often seen as being harmful to the average citizen more so than the governing party.  In theory sanctions are there to harm a country and they do yet why would a leader that is shooting civilians care if they starve?  That is the debate on sanctions.
Going further into the unrest in Syria, there is a regional concern.  This area where Syria lives has been a volatile environment for decades.  There are so many unknowns, such as Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Israel and Egypt.  Then of course just to add a nice flair of turmoil the two Mediterranean countries of Italy and Greece are not to stable as they sit on an edge as well. 
Out of all this chaos there needs to be a voice of unity, peace, hope and common understanding.  Right now there is no one and that is disturbing, in fact there has been no such person for decades.  The people of this region have lived through enough chaos but the leaders have not.  Of course the leaders do not have to live in the chaos of poverty, bullets, tear gas, starvation and to be voiceless. 
As I write this I know what it will take to solve these issues but I also know that the leaders of the world do not have the courage, nor the stamina to ensure peace for the people of this region.  The leaders themselves are stuck in rhetoric, revenge, pride and violence.  These are dangerous elements in which civilians pay heavily for. 
We need a mantra to go around the world “NO MORE WEAPONS"

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