Saturday, November 19, 2011

99% rant

There comes a time when you just have enough bullshit.  Now the average person would just throw more bullshit back, mainly due to the fact that they have no clue as to how such actions only worsen a situation – thus the spiral of chaos into war.
The 99% has supported the 1%.  It is the 99% that buys all the garbage and demands all the services.  If the occupy movement gives in now the 1% have won.  I admit that at the outset I did not feel the Occupy movement was going to amount to much.  My reason is mostly because the physical occupation of parks and squares is not an easy task, when the temperature swing is -25 to -40 C for weeks on end.  That alone will be the 1% advantage.  However I understand the cause and do support the need for a rethink.  In context, the 99% fight was the cause of the French revolution and assisted in a Republic of the United States to be born. 
Taking the historical context and fast forward to today, the 99% are again fighting to stop the elite from plundering/hoarding the riches.  As I study this reoccurrence I have a realization that it is not the system at fault, it is the people that operate the system.  A benevolent dictator would never be overthrown.
Just to throw some shit around, here is some wild accusations/arguments to ponder:
The Occupy movement is being dismantled in many cities due to a number of reasons.  In most media those that call for an end to the Occupy movement state that the point was made now go home.  To follow the same line of argument but to an extreme (almost insane) we have made the point that murder is not acceptable yet we continue to fight that.  To an even greater degree of insanity the Occupy movement is in agreement with the ideology concerning capitalism as Osama Bin Laden.  Now those are connections and statements that could get a person fired and alienated. 
As an expert in peace, knowing many possible consequences is vital.  What really starts to piss me off is that for all the wisdom people throw around about communication, the application of such wisdom is rare. 
“You made your point now go home.”
That statement alone indicates the point was not even close to being heard.  In fact that statement will only entrench a faction of the occupation and what will be the consequences?  Such a statement may be the spark to ignite a single person such as Osama Bin Laden.  That is what an expert in peace operations must contend with.  Does the US share any responsibility for assisting Bin Laden?
Ultimately this divide between people is created by us.  At the outset the ideology behind such actions were hoped to provide a peaceful end.  That is the hope of any system we put in place.  The system fails when we get lazy, greedy and distant.  As we alienate each other we build false realities which will crumble and then we start to blame, hate, judge and demand adherence of everyone else but ourselves.  That is the bullshit I am tired of.

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