Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ignorance/uncaring allows Corruption

The last few postings have been about UNESCO funding and weapons trading.  It may not seem like these two have much in common but as I have stated before I look for such broad connections.  The common factor here that ties UNESCO funding and weapons trade together is the exact situation Palestine lives with.  The situation deals with, corruption, war, oppression and dichotomy of law.
First of all we have to live with the fact that there is a two tiered law system (if not more).  The only reason that this situation exist is due to ignorance and uncaring.  For example, The legality of NATO entering Yugoslavia during 1995 has always been a legal debatable issue from the outset.  So too has Russia in Georgia, Britain in the Falkland Islands and USA in Iraq (2001) have each been circumvented around international law and the Securioty Council.  This is the dichotomy of a two tiered system that exists.  This two tiered system allows for corruption to reign, weapons to be sold and ultimately lives lost and/or seriously altered.
If you deal with any issue of injustice you are dealing with corruption that continues to take place through ignorance or sadly a severe lack of concern for a peaceful world.  For whatever reason, at some point the laws are not adhered to.  I firmly believe we have enough law to enforce any activity that takes place.  What we lack is the will to enforce these laws and the complete disregard of law.
Recently, 3 Nov 2010 Viktor Bout was convicted of selling weapons to a terrorist organization.  That in itself is not going to do much to end the violence of war.  What is more important is for the countries that produce weapons to stop or at least do a better job to monitor the life of each weapon and ammunition produced then sold.  The sale, training  and use of these weapons are mere steps to the impact that these weapons will have and it will last for many years to come.  
Looking at the countries that are listed in the bottom ten of the UNDP Human Development Index(HDI), most have experienced long violent wars.  The Democratic Republic of Congo has endured a violent society since the 1950’s and sits at the bottom of the 2011 Human Development Index.  So does Sierra Leone, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Central African Republic, Chad, Niger and Burundi.  There is a direct link to illegal weapons trade and trade in resources such as minerals, oil, drugs and slave trading to name a few.
Compare the bottom ten of the UNDP HDI with the Transparency International (TI) list of most corrupt countries and you will notice some duplication.  In the TI list, the bottom ten include Chad, Burundi and Equatorial Guinea.  Also included on the TI list are Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Myanmar.  Each of these countries has/is experiencing violent war. 
Now I am not that na├»ve to think these wars take place because weapons are available.  I do think these wars are prolonged due to the trade in weapons and resources.  These wars are also prolonged due to a significant lack of accountability on the part of the entire world.

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