Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking away UNESCO funding

A number of countries are pulling funding away from UNESCO because UNESCO voted to have Palestine as full member.  That is what most of us would see as a democratic decision.  So why are member nations of UNESCO pulling funding? The reason for this is that these countries have determined that the path to peace follows the same path as it has for years.
Canada is one such country that has pulled it funding, as a Canadian I am disgusted with the actions taken by us.  What will be the benefit of taking away the funding dollars of UNESCO?  Will it stop the killing in that region, will it increase the economy, will the children of that area have better education, will the leaders actually solve the situation?  None of that is going to happen because funding is pulled from UNESCO, in fact the very opposite is more likely to happen. 
No wonder there is no peace in that area when the leaders of the world act in such a manner.    If you are interested at all with how the situation is going find two maps that show the political boundaries of Palestine and Isreal, one from 1947 and one for today.   
One way out of this mess is through a major disarmament process of the entire area along with an equal effort towards education of equality.  This will take at least 24 years.  However we have had this garbage fire rages on since 1947, it is time to try something other than guns, bombs, rhetoric and idiocy. 
UNESCO may just be the place to start another peace process.  Those that object to Palestine being a member of UNESCO are not willing to even try.  They are stuck in the rhetoric and eye for an eye policy.  Isreal and Palestine must find a way to peacefully live together.  UNESCO just offered a stage for these two people to work collectively on issues of science, education, culture and ultimately peace.  This offer may spark a pair of leaders that will ultimately take hold and lead the two people of both sides to peace.  What is the harm?   

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