Monday, October 31, 2011

UNESCO votes Palestine in

In an earlier posting (27 Sept. 2011) I wrote about the UN vote and Palestine being recognized as a sovereign state.  UNESCO has voted to allow Palestine full membership, thus recognizing the existence of Palestine as having sovereignty.  The reaction to such an event is not at all surprising.
What really pisses me off is all the historical garbage about who did what and when.  The facts of the case are skewed to almost hilarious proportions.  The only fact that should matters is that humans are being killed, forgotten, isolated, and held at gun point because politicians and idiocy allow such.
A country is going to withhold funding of UNESCO because of this, how childish can you get?  A peace agreement cannot be forced upon either side, it has to be negotiated and created.  Having conditions of peace mandated, by an outsider no less to what is acceptable is bullshit. 
History is a major sticking point in this entire situation and yet the history has proven that the current path is not working.  It has been stagnant since 1967 and worse today than it was in 1945.  That is the only fact that needs to be noted.  Religion should not even be mentioned.  No one even listens to the doctrine of peace that each religion professes to have as a foundation.
World leaders my ass, a group of five year olds act with more leadership than what we have in this situation.  Get ready for a veto from the Security Council from one of the permanent five and the temper tantrum that goes with it. 
Peace and truth have long been known as the first casualties of war.  In the Mid-East we still have not peace and truth is hard to find.  At some point we must say enough.  I for one have had enough of children being taught to hate, taught to kill and/or not even allowed to go to school.   The lives of the future innocent children have already been condemned, because we are too stupid to make peace, for what purpose?

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