Monday, October 24, 2011

Is a world government needed?

All day I have been thinking of a question asked of me early in the morning.  What do I think of having a world government?  I am not in favour of such a reality, to be honest. 

First of all, I like the system we have now.  The reason for that is because it is working quite well and we rarely use it to its core intent or utmost efficiency.   Cases in point.

Lately I have noticed an increase of reports dealing with the governance of conflict resources, along with small arms and light weapons.  These two issue are often seen linked together.  I know the United Nations Global Compact is being looked at right now and that deals with corporate social responsibility.  Add to that the frustrated feelings of people about the gap between rich and poor.  No one knows that gap more so than a child forced to work for pennies a day picking cocao, coffee, mining gold, making clothes etc.... 

At this very moment we have declarations concerning human rights and child rights.  Both of these declarations have been agreed to by the General Assembly of the United Nations, which makes all memebers bound to such declarations.  Now if the system was allowed to work we would have a great many more criminals in jail for torture, child slave labour, weapons trafficing and a host of other crimes.  However, we do not play to the full operational capacity of the current system.  Lord knows there were 3000 people killed in Syria since March 2011 alone, why is the world allowing that?

As sad as it is, somethings are not perfect and governance is far from it - completely due to the fact that we are far from perfect.  The current system has enough governance in place to deal with all that is going on, we just are not using it.  The reason is that there such an accountability cavity hinges on the singular issue of a power struggle which wages on.

On one side we are seeing the power struggle take place with the increase in revoultions spread around the world.  The Rose revolution, Orange Revolution, Jasmine Revolution, and the Arab spring.  These are the forces of the people trying to make current government work and it is slowly getting there.  The other power struggle is behind the curtain of all the news.  A struggle that has waged for years between the supremacy of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the Security Council.

We are witnessing the need for an expanded Security Council and the end of the permanent five holding veto power.  These two elements of change within the United Nations structure will alter the balance of power overnight.  Now my question has come to this - What that change would bring is quite unknown to me so should or maybe I do fear that change?  I must think on that.

In closing, a world government is not needed, I all ready have enough government.  What we need is more accountability.

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