Thursday, October 20, 2011

have we forgotten the Jasmine Revolution already?

The past few weeks we have seen the demonstrations about the state of the economy.  In most newspapers I have read, these protests are linked to the Arab Spring. 
We can not allow the Jasmine Revolution to die so easily.  Remember the peaceful revolution in Tunisia? 

It was sparked off by the self-immolation of vegetable vendor Mohamed Bouazizi on December 17. The movement grew over the issues of unemployment, food inflation, corruption, lack of freedom of speech and poor living conditions and overflowed into Egypt where it has been raging.

That revolution then spread to Libya, Yemen, Syria and other areas.  But it is all part of a continum of events that we forget has taken place.  Let us not forget about the man that died in Genoa Italy during the G8 summit in 2001, a 23-year-old activist, Carlo Giuliani and all the protesters who shed light during the economic boom.

Today we speak of the Occupy whatever city.  These protests all have a history and the two men mentioned above are people that we are forgetting.  The Arab Spring does not happen without Bouazizi.  Giuliani is also a casualty in the war for a just and equal society.  These two men are examples of how the world moved into this economic state.  We forgot our history.
The 1930’s gave us the experience to know that rampant unchecked lines of credit will eventually collapse.  We paid no attention to that lesson and we are paying for it now. 
I am not one to blame governments as I see every individual as holding power in government.  That may be difficult for some to see or understand, which is why I focus on peace and conflict.  We have to believe and understanding that we will learn, we will improve, we will not forget the past and we will take responsibility to protect.  We can not forget Mohamed Bouazizi, Carlo Giuliani and the millions of children that have worked, still work and will work in slavery so that we have cheap products to buy. 
Occupy whatever city, but first occupy the boardrooms.  Make the world accountable where it has failed us, the pursuit of money in corporate head offices.  Realize that you are government, realize that corporation listen to their stockholders (so buy up stocks), live within your means and for the love of peace hope for a world when someday we will not be afraid to arrest those that commit crimes – even if they are Presidents of countries.

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