Sunday, October 9, 2011

Democratic Republic of Congo

Peace in Africa
It is possible and it will happen.  If there is one country that I believe is a key to peace in all of Africa it is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  The reasons DRC is such a vital country are due to its geographic location, size and the enormous wealth that is buried in the soil and on top.
First of all the location and size of the DRC is such that it has borders on nine differing countries, all in various states of peace, economic stability and development.  This is very much a domino effect theory and as we know such a theory has its flaws but, it also has its benefits.  A peaceful DRC would no longer offer a hiding place for many armed groups;
Second, there is an enormous wealth of resources which are now being plundered.  The riches of the DRC are escaping with little benefit to the people of the country.  Also there exist a vast potential for energy security for all of Africa in the hydro electric opportunities;
With the need for infrastructure in the DRC the building boom will offer many jobs.  This will also have a stabilizing impact as people will be working and have restored hope in a brighter future.
Now I write all of this and it is easy to do so.  Yet the current situation holds that such efforts to bring peace to just even a province of the DRC is very difficult.  We need the will of the international community to heavily invest in sector security reform, infrastructure building and ending corruption.  It is possible and it will be accomplished – someday.

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