Thursday, April 26, 2012

Syrian Mess

Within the past three weeks, Syria has become more complicated. With Observer Forces going in to monitor the ceasefire, the call to protest and the formation of a new opposition group, Syria is running head long into stagnant chaos.
From the outset of the ceasefire we knew there were going to be breaches. In all honesty neither side (Syrian government or any opposition group) is trustworthy. Due to that, the claims about who is breaking the ceasefire can not be trusted, nor should it matter.  The only fact that needs to be heralded is that people are still fighting, from all sides.
The Observer Force is slow in being fully implemented. This is caused by the Permanent Five members of the United Nations Security Council dragging its feet. To be blunt, the entire situation in Syria was avoidable had those five worked together instead of playing politics from the outset. Now we are up to our waist in chaos. Nothing we can do about the past so let us focus on solving the situation.
There is a new group titled Transitional National Government seeking legitimacy. As events unfold there will be others as the bickering about who is legitimate and who is not. The reality is there is only one legitimate government and they are in power. It is not only the government in power, every other opposition group is also power hungry.
As it stands now, I do not see a way out of this situation unless a large peacekeeping force is brought in. The Observer Force is being implemented too slowly for what ever reason and with each day the ceasefire becomes less and less meaningful.  Furthermore, I have no idea why outside groups continue to illegally support the opposition forces with military equipment. Such countries should be held to account by the United Nations Security Council.
Another step forward is to grab hold of the 26 Feb referendum results. Those results are a bedrock for rebuilding Syria and yet no one is mentioning them. Those results were voted on by the people of Syria and called for electoral change. Why has no group bothered to press for those changes to be made? Why is it only focused on the ousting of the current government violently?
We have been witnessing how the opposition function and this is through the use of violence as well. With that in mind there is no clear peaceful solution if any of the current groups take power.  The best possible way forward is for a massive peacekeeping force to enter and patrol the entire country. While that is being done the constitutional talks can take place.
This will be a long process and more people will die before it is all over. This entire situation is a mess mostly because the leaders of the world have been fighting each other instead of working on a solution.

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