Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Friends of Syria, Not

Truth is the first casualty of war. To prove that point again we have the situation with the Friends of Syria and the Syrian National Council. Both of these groups have very little support inside Syria. Both these groups are engaging in activities that are breaking international law and neither of these groups have been serious about finding a peaceful solution to the violence in Syria.
The Friends of Syria have continually called for the need to provide military support to the opposition. This action alone will only support further violence. Furthermore, why is it that the Friends of Syria do not included anyone from the current government in Syria?
Next, you have to question the actual support the Syrian National Council holds within Syria itself. We know that one of these groups that support the Syrian National Council is Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is an enemy of most of the Friends of Syria yet in this situation they are partners. Such logic is unexplainable.
The last report which spoke to the internal support of the Syrian National Council barely acknowledged 15% of the total population. Even within the Syrian National Council there exist divisions. This Council is a spur of the moment ad hoc group at best. The thirst for power is equal to each point of opposition they hold for the current leadership within Syria.
The United Nations envoy to Syria has made great strides to put in place a cease fire agreement, which neither the Friends of Syria or the Syrian National Council have indicated the opposition forces will adhere to. However there is a strong call for the current government to adhere to the ceasefire agreement.
Sadly, the future is quite clear that there will be no ceasefire on 10 April. If such a reality exists I will be completely shocked, I hope I will be.
What of the Russia and China? Both these countries have continually called for the violence to stop, the weapons to sanctioned, external groups to leave Syria and for both sides to sit down and hammer out a way forward. The Friends of Syria have derailed both Russia and China as enemies of the opposition and killers of the United Nations Security Council resolution. That resolution was killed because it only called for the government to cease fire, sought to bring down a government which would have created a power vacuum and put in place a system doomed to increase and prolong violence.
This media campaign to paint the Friends of Syria and the Syrian National Council is a giant lie. It is glossing over the current illegal activity of supplying weapons and military aid. It is false in its accusations that Russia and China are against a peaceful resolution and it is false that Russia and China are supporting the current party of rule in Syria in its efforts to continue fighting.
Syria is in a very difficult situation and the Friends of Syria are making it worse.

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