Thursday, May 3, 2012

Change within the UN system

Almost every time a country falls into crisis, the United Nations is called upon.  The unsettling part is that many times the largest members of the United Nations work against the peace efforts of the United Nations. This scenario has been going on since peacekeeping was invented.
Case in point is the proxy war between the Soviet Union and RUSA in Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo) during the 1950’s. The impact of that idiocy is still raging today as the DRC remains destabilized due to the unending war. The list of mismanaged peace operations by the supposed world leaders is long and continues to grow.
The need for change within the United Nations structure is as clear as the sun at noon in the Sahara desert. The most needed changes are to end the veto power and the status of the Permanent Five. Any country that preaches freedom and democracy yet supports the current structure of the United Nations Security Council is a hypocrite.
Now the argument for the current system is held by the fact that stability is maintained and the largest donors to the United Nations should have special treatment. On the first point, the largest perpetrators of war have been the Permanent Five members. These are the ones that have ensured war continues. They are the ones that produce the most weapons, fund rebel groups and water down any resolution the United Nations seeks to implement. The other point, which speaks to those who pay the bills, just cements the fact that the entire system is for sale. Basically, we are being lead by corrupt sell-outs.
The world is insane. There is little rational thought that can be used to reason the current state of affairs the world is in, at face value that can be quite a bleak reality. However, perfection is far away and the truth is, we have only just begun.
The United Nations is a very young organization that has been asked to run before it could walk. As a result there will be many more stumbles and corrections. At the moment there is some desire to change the United Nations structure. Some have talked about expanding the number of permanent members. Two countries that are seeking to be permanent members are Brazil and India.
As any organizational development goes, time and patience are needed. At the moment there is too much resistance and misguided ideology for such change. As the discussion continues there will be more support in years ahead. For example the League of Nations brought us a great avenue of peace yet died. Today we have the United Nations.
 As imperfect as the world is, we have made great steps towards peace.

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