Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lost and too apathetic to find a way out

Knowing where you are is vital to knowing where you are going. That simple phrase is as important with directions to a location as it is with matters of the heart. Sometimes you have no idea where to go but you have an idea or wish about how that destination feels. For the most part the articles I write deal with the destination of peace in all its definitions.
I believe very much that society will not be at peace if the individual is not at peace. The chaotic portion of that reality rests with the fact that everyone will have a different vision of what peace is. That vision of peace will change as a person ages as well. Due to all those changing and differing opinions of peace, it is a difficult task to have a common goal or vision of peace on a societal level.
Within Syria, the cycle of violence has been spinning for months now. Neither side can be trusted nor can the “outside leaders”. Both the leaders within Syria and the leaders outside of Syria have only managed to ensure the collapse of society. No one has a clear idea of what they are doing. Furthermore, none of them are even listening or seeking ways to resolve the situation. Well in reality the one method to solve the situation that is being used is to kill as many as quickly as possible.
Even more frustrating is the constant attacks heaped upon the United Nations, as every nation in the world has worked to ensure its failure. At the moment there is no clear vision other than the ceasefire agreement. No one has even bothered to support that plan with any real effort. Honestly, what are a handful of Monitors going to do? The leaders of the world have no courage to resolve anything yet feel completely justified in blaming the United Nations for a failure that is clearly the fault of those that have their hands in this event. All we are getting is constant finger pointing as to who is responsible for the worsening situation when the answer only takes a mirror to solve.
What needs to be done? We need a strong leader that can work the back channels to end the rhetoric, save the face of all the leaders involved and finally get the ceasefire agreement in place. The level of frustration is so great that I truly understand the insanity of why Nobel felt the best path to peace was to build the largest weapon. I understand the insanity of how nuclear weapons can bring peace. The philosophy of fear is understandable. However, that method has rarely worked, if ever.
I am tired of dealing with such inept leadership. We are okay with prolonging the slow death of society as we bicker about who to blame. Yet we are not okay with strongly enforcing sovereignty laws, securing borders, almost completely banning weapons for conflict zones and upholding the most basic foundations of a free society.
I have written the plan for peace many times and at this point all we can do is wait until enough people are killed before that plan will be implemented. The sad part is no one knows how many deaths are enough. We are without leadership here when leadership is most needed. The society is lost, the individual has no idea of a future nor any rational cause to even believe in a future outside of a month or so.  
With the Syria situation, we know where we have been, we know where we are yet no one wants to do what is needed to get to where we have to go.

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