Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garbage Leadership

The situation in Syria is one that was completely avoidable. However we have to put up with the lying sacks of garbage coming out. The lies are so gross that it is difficult to read/trust anything in mainstream media.
The information was clear from the outset that the Western powers did everything to ensure the violence escalated. All the while the Western powers blamed the Eastern powers for the escalation. Here in the West, the mass media has lapped up the rhetoric of the Western governing powers. That alone is heartbreaking, but not all that shocking.
The truth of the situation is that the Western powers put forth resolutions at the United Nations Security Council knowing it would never pass. Due to that, they are just as liable as the Eastern powers for what is transpiring today in Syria. Another truth is that the Western powers have been supplying training for rebel soldiers and communication equipment. Such support may not be weapons and bullets yet the impact remains the same, more death and bloodshed.
As the situation spirals into civil war, we may have to let it go. The momentum is of such force towards a completely failed state that I do not see any force on the horizon to stop it. This war will go on for the next two to five years at least. As for the regional stability, who knows? The situation is terrible to say the least. All because the world leaders could/have not stopped pointing fingers at each other.
All that is left are hopes and dreams for a miracle.

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