Saturday, June 30, 2012

Governance: Priority One

When it comes to what is important in society an efficient, strong and trusting governance system tops the list. As long as the system works, people trust the system and have respect for the system the economics, legal and cultural frameworks can flourish.
We can look at the situation in Egypt. The revolution was about governance. Now there is a new leadership that is different from the military. Now the world can witness what difference is made with this new style. We also have the opportunity to watch Paraguay deal with the recent impeachment of its President. In both situations the people shouted for a government they can trust. There was no large cry for religious, economic or cultural change. Although each has its impact on the overall circumstances, the largest item of want is good governance.
On a smaller scale we can equate the family environment to a country. If the children are brought up in an environment that is violent and unstable, chances are the children will carry on that culture of violent instability. This is one of the root causes for many of the violent societies such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Each society that has collapsed, has taken its very own unique path. Even though the broad scope of peace and conflict theory can make sense of these collapses and how to rebuild society, the family network will always provide a challenge. This is why the singular person is so important to global peace. The governance style of the home will be imprinted on the children, as will economics, culture and religion.
The larger area of governance is also one of how a person governs their own situations. Furthermore, how you treat others is a strong indicator of the society you are building. The web of responsibility is a large and it can be an overwhelming reality. For me that responsibility is taken with great enjoyment and pride.  I hope that in the end my efforts will ensure a world that is peaceful.

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