Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is the pursuit of peace insane?

For those that live in a society where peace, order and good governance is as ordinary as the sun shine, it is difficult for those people to truely understand the ease in which chaos and hell could emerge then become the new normal. For those that live in a society where chaos and hell are ordinary the struggle for peace is almost an impossible dream. For the most part those people are correct, peace is almost impossible while forces work to ensure chaos and hell remain. Afghanistan is one such place.

Afghanistan has not known very many peaceful moments for generations. At the outset of the current war and just three years ago the political leaders of the International Security Forces were promising to remain in Afghanistan until the job was done. Now the leaders are saying the job is done, that is complete garbage and these leaders know it is.

If you can not handle the commitment do not even get involved. Why lie and decieve the people of Afghanistan into thinking they have a reliable friend when you are planning on leaving them to twist in the wind? This short sightedness and lack of courage to hold true to a commitment is indicative of society today in a great many ways. It is similar to the over used jargon of BFF, which is to be Best Friends Forever yet it is more flavour of the month. The hypocrisy is rampant and spreading fast throughout the world.

We have countries being ripped apart because the weapon makers can not stop bringing their goods into areas of combat. Furthermore, countires that speak about sovereighty, rule of law, protecting civilians and other such grand platitudes are also implicated in supporting the violent destruction of many societies, such as Syria and Iraq.

I know the popular phrase within defense circles is, "well there is not much you can do when they come on to you." This philosophy is so backward and ignorant that it just makes you wonder if peace is ever going to come to the entire world. At this moment I turn inward and let my own mind be calm even though the world around me is insane.

Such moments are when I need to walk around and see the small miracles of happiness. Children playing, smiles on those that I greet and finally to realize that I am at peace within myself. I have worked very hard to reach this state and often times people will try to take advantage of that. Even in those moments I realize that the person has no mindset to formulate any better options. As I think of that person, I relate that individual with world leaders who act with idiocy.

The world is full of complications, if it were not it would be very boring. Each person has their own path to make. I trust that everyone is doing their best to ensure that life is peaceful. However I have experienced enough to understand the impact of insanity.

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