Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Religion, hatred and individuality

It is hard to resist writing about the current uprising to the movie about Islam. Religion has been a breeding ground for war as far back as I know. The one item that is always being missed here is the foundations of most religions is peace, so why so much violence? We are dealing with people that have a great deal of anger within them. No matter what religion these people who kill in the name of God follow, they are first and foremost violent people.
One of the most difficult facets of life for all people is the reality that each of us has the capacity to think and do whatever each of us wants to do. Most of us abide by laws and respect other cultures/religion. We act with this respect towards each other because we choose a peaceful life full of enjoyment. However, there are some of us that live with differing realities and some destroy peace.  
On the topic of religion, I follow a religion that has the same roots as Islam. Within those roots are the Ten Commandments. One of those Commandments is to not praise false Gods. Well money certainly has done that and to some degree so has patriotism. To some degree a portrait, cartoon or movie can be interpreted as a false image. There is another piece that I have learned and that is people who are not part of my religion do not have to follow its rules.
There seems to be a global manifest destiny project going one here. There is only one way, religion, mindset, governance model or path to peace/heaven. To be honest, I am not sure which way is the right way. I do know that I will always act peacefully and respectfully to everyone I encounter, no matter if they think I am going to hell or not.
This entire situation of Islamic rioting and killing is pure insanity in my opinion, it is not the Islam I trust and support. In correlation, the current fighting in Syria is not a representation of the Syrian people I trust and support. For the most part, the people of this world are wonderfully welcoming and peaceful.
Although, we are experiencing tough circumstances in both economics and politics globally. These two components have pushed people to act in desperation. This desperation is due mostly to the severe lack of solid leadership around the world. We have been adrift for decades without strong visionaries of peace, wisdom and equality.
We must demand more of our leaders, more importantly of ourselves. The new world we are making is making neighbours of us all. A single act of hatred is the frontline of every war we have ever fought and ever will fight. We do not have to convince others to change religions, countries or governance styles but, we must act in such a manner where violence and hatred are only thoughts that we experience with extreme rarity of physical experience.
Some day we may live in such a world, we have made great strides towards that day in the past sixty years. We have more to go. I will work my hardest to reach that day. Until then, I am sorry for each person who must act with violence and hatred to prove a point or try to change my mind.

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