Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cyber crime, technology and peace

In many ways we have made the world more peaceful than it has ever been for as long as most of us can recall. With that advent of peace, we have a population which we never had before either.  Couple the large population with the spread of information we know have. Ever since the invention of wireless communication in 1901, information has spread across the globe almost instantly. We have greater numbers of people and more information which makes the perception of a violent world more real.
Cyber crime has been reported to have happened to 86% of Canadians. These are crimes of phishing scams through the use of social media, email, electronic hacking, credit card fraud, etc…  Each crime is reported on average to cost $160.00. It turns out that “catching a virus” is part of that static. In the most basic terminology a virus was created to cause harm or at least a disturbance. In this regard has cyber crime lowered the amount of peace we experience?
It is rather annoying and can be devastating when your computer/devices crash. Most of us are aware of the risks though. We are aware that the internet is full of scammers, so is society. This why we see ads for lawyers, mechanics, moving companies, contractors and many other professions loudly state you can trust them. There is a growing desire for professional organizations to have members take oaths. Trust has been the main platform of every politician that seeks office.
Has technology lowered the amount of peace we experience? That question is very complex when you dig deeply into our world. Rates of obesity have increased which has brought untold health issues, highly processed foods and of course we have to list the impact of industry and perhaps climate change as well. Very soon the mind can get paralysed with anxiety as the entire picture of reality comes into focus.
As a holistic mindset takes shape, it should be clear the issue is not technology, it is us the people. How we interact with each other is the common denominator. It is as basic as two people starting out in a relationship, do you trust that person to hold your interests equally as they do their own or do you feel that they will cause harm to your heart? How much do you trust?
Further to trust, how much do you believe in the peacefulness of others? That is the old question “are people born good or evil”? These are questions that everyone must decide themselves, have their own answers/reasons. For me, although I have had my heart torn to shreds many times, I still believe that everyone is here to help me reach my dreams. Those that have caused harm have only told me that I am on the wrong path.
How much do you trust technology? Advancements are part of life for us. The wheel itself has been and continues to be a vital component to many great destructive acts yet we do not chastise that invention. Technology is a tool which we use that has differing outcomes. Many outcomes we have no clue what the impact will be. Just like entering in a relationship, you have no clue what will become of it, sometimes you wish you never even went down that path. Just ask the people of Japan and their experience with atomic energy.

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