Friday, September 14, 2012

Weight of Reason

In the past year we have seen the hope and wonderful energy of the Jasmine Revolution as it spawned into the Arab Spring. That energy has now been spent yet the work to build the vision that once thrived is still needed. Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Egypt are still engulfed in unknown circumstances as each country is in a different state heading towards chaos. How will all of this end up?
No one has a clear vision of what will be the ultimate outcome. There will be more violence, more death and more political speeches/scolding from all sides. The rhetoric coming from all sides while the average person pays the ultimate price is just stupid. One of the worst casualties has been the loss of the reasonable voice and the largest criminals are those that are entrusted to hold the peace, the Permanent Five(P5) members of the United Nations Security Council (RUSA, China, UK, France and Russia).
The violence in Libya and Egypt may not have been preventable but what is taking place in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain certainly could have been averted. It would have been a difficult task yet it was possible. However we sat back and allowed the fight to grow and here we are on the edge of complete collapse for many families, societies, and governments.
Somehow Yemen and Bahrain have been able to keep a tight hold of information getting out to the mainstream media (so much for social media hype). If we are to believe the rhetoric which speaks to the desire to end the violence we must take a serious look at how we deal with such situations. Once again I must advocate for the complete demilitarization of the Middle East. If not the entire region then let us have the courage to start with Syria.
The argument that bringing in United Nations Peacekeeper’s (UNPK) is an act that breaks sovereignty is one that I have recently found as very weak. An invasion of foreign forces that breaks sovereignty is one that usurps all laws and constitutional rights of the people, like what is happening in Iraq.  UNPK’s are bound to abide by and assist in enforcing existing laws within a country of operation. They are there to bolster the ability of a battered government to hold peace and sovereignty not break or destroy it.
Now it is a lamentable fact but putting UNPK’s in Yemen or Bahrain will provide little stability within the Middle East. Putting them in Syria however would, if only to patrol and lock down the boarders. If that is the least mandated effort then we can let the fight play out and finish as fast as possible. If that sounds too harsh, understand that the number of lives lost will be greatly reduced and humanitarian aid will be administered quicker.  I understand that human rights violations will take place but that is going on right now anyway. Basically all I am putting to you is the reality of reason, if you want to fight, fight, but leave those alone that want no part of it other than for the end to arrive as soon as possible.
We need to stand up and start speaking truth to power here. Someone has to bring the weight of reason to the P5 as they are equal in responsibility for weaponizing  the region, assisting in its instability and then having the audacity to say they have had no hand in doing so. Has anyone heard of proxy wars, Syria is just that.

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