Monday, January 14, 2013

Libyan peace efforts

During a transition period where elections are to be held, people are in a state of vast hope. This state is a fragile state of being. Before elections are held there sits the options of the peoples’ future. Libya is an example that has moved to the back of the line for most. However the experiment that is currently taking place in Libya has global importance and a very integral one for the peace of North Africa.
There is always the desire to point out the wrongs of past decisions in such cases. As important as it is to know history, it is also important to understand there is nothing you can do that will erase the past mistakes. What is the status of Libya at the moment?
The situation in Libya has improved in some ways. The celebration of independence was reported as a great family event.[1] In that small manner the people were provided a sample of what life is to be like. Underneath the celebration is another reality. Weapons are still a major problem, armed groups hold the balance of military power and the people live with uncertainty daily.
The issues with elected officials will always be front and centre, no matter what country a person lives in. The emphasis on elected officials is even greater during a period of transition. Looking at Libya during its transition a large critique of elected members deals with armed groups. There are armed groups that carry out more targeted attacks, focusing on foreigners and diplomats, most recent being Italy’s Guido De Sanctis.
One area of major concern for Libya and surrounding countries is the tightening of borders. Libya has been working diligently at border security, which is very complicated, evident with the Mali fallout due to Libyan transition. As a response to such fallouts Libya, Tunisia and Algeria are working on this issue. Any improvement along such lines will go a long way to securing peace in the region. 
Further to those countries we can not exclude the increased role of France. Although France is operating in Mali, the reality is that such a role is a direct result of Libyan transition. Will peace in Libya be as influential in other countries? In theory it should but in reality, that is different.
Of all the violent conflicts around the world, the current situation in Libya is one where success can be had quickly, not easily, nor without great efforts but the transition period to peace is being felt.


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