Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rebuilding Syria?

The fact of the matter/reality of Syria is that the legitimate government is the current government. Any external force that enters Syria must have permission from the Syrian government. However, there are some foreign powers that do not feel obligated to adhere to such international law. Such people live above others and apply laws as they see fit.
For peace to be possible in Syria, the first goal is obviously to end the violence. Next there must be restoration of a legitimate government.  The sad part is that the need to restore a legitimate government is a problem made/forced by the international community to begin with. This need for a legitimate government is a step that should never have been a reality. The cost of such a move has been paid by the citizens of Syria in the currency of death by the tens thousands.
 The only reason so many innocent people have died is due to the childish behaviour of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. From the outset the discussion to provide assistance to the Syrian government was made in such a manner that Syria could not allow an occupation force into the country. The rhetoric of foreign intervention was made out to be an occupying force and that was the largest issue for why no assistance was allowed.
Here we are at the same stage as we were in the very early stages of the protest movement of 26 Feb 2012. That day had a referendum on constitutional change supported by 80% of the voters. One year later there are fewer leaders to trust, current government is broken, opposition is just as untrustworthy as is the current people in power, broken infrastructure, government institutions scrambled at best, less civil cohesion and more weapons. In summary, Syria is far worse than it was on 26 Feb 2012.
Now what? Well there will be a power vacuum as the current government takes is final stands. A greater fight within opposition cells to be the main power figure will blow up. The members of the United Nations Security Council will bicker as if they were children fighting over a toy. Finally the real work to build peace will come from the average person that lives in the communities of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and all the other destroyed communities.
The bulk of the peace work will be accomplished by the people who have lost the most, endured the most and have been given the least support. The school teachers, nurses, doctors, food vendors and of course the children will be the ones that will have to carry the most burden. The irony will be that the focus will be on the idiots that allowed the entire situation to get out of control. Furthermore it will be those same idiots that will take credit for peace as they shake hands after signing a peace agreement.  
If this was a world where justice was had and what is right was the norm, all the leaders would be held responsible for every death. Alas we live in a world where might makes right, money can buy justice and those that yell the loudest get best service. Upon that reality we must endure the garbage of leaders that talk about peace, looking after the needs of the people and securing a safe world for all. Hypocrisy is alive and well and that is the enemy. Go ask the average person in Syria if they wanted such hell.  The only reason we are here now is because of lazy leaders who did not have the intelligence to work out a peaceful method in the first place. Sadly we are still saddled with such leaders.
The hope of a peaceful future does not lie with such leaders but within the average persons’ willingness to be peaceful. After all it is the people that will restore peace. Now begins the work of preparing the necessary tools for peace to be rebuilt in Syria.
Seek out the communities that need schooling supplies to teach peace. Mend the minds of the youth so that they will not continue the anger and hatred which spawned such nonsensical violence. Work with community organizations within Syria to rebuild the laughter and joy of a healthy neighbourhood. Allow the understanding that peace is always the first priority of our leaders. Those that can not maintain peace are to be voted out of as soon as possible.
Finally we must understand that we are all in a giant experiment/game. There will be those that gain power only to destroy and to ensure personal gain at all others expense. Such people will come into power from time to time. More often than not such people learn this behaviour. Which is why we must work very hard to bring peace education to the people of Syria.
We failed the people of Syria once already. Foreign countries ignored international laws and sent in equipment, focres and actively called for the destabilization of the government. They acted no different than the terrorist organizations that also operated within Syria. Such a world breeds contempt and untrustworthy attitudes. Such a world will bring greater chaos and violence. What else do we expect when leaders act in such a manner? What do people expect who act in such a manner? I expect that we get exactly as has transpired in Syria.

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