Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Global peace or war

For many centuries we have lived with the reality that what takes place on one side of the globe impacts us on the other. Sadly there are many of us who have no clear understanding of this historical reality. In no small part has that lack of awareness produced more wars, terrorist acts and violence to the millions of innocent people throughout the world. In the same manner of thought there are still many battles being fought which started thousands of years ago.
We must ask ourselves if we are really trying hard enough to solve these conflicts that have been going on for thousands of years? The war in Syria is quickly losing its initial reason of ignition. Syrians were supposed to be seeking better government, equal rights, political openness and hope for the future. Now we endure the religious turmoil of those seeking power in Syria. The average person in Syria has been played as pawns and sacrificial lambs in a war that dates back thousands of years. We have lost  why the fighting began to the point where solutions being offered are now generalized ideologies of ending the violence. Why it started is of no concern to anyone anymore. Due to that loss the only reason it has continued is because we have no bearing on what the end goal was or is.
We have no clear path for peace but we have a clear connection of violence and chaos.  Every car bomb, suicide bomber, missile and or bullet fired is an attack on everyone else in the world. Every word that is spoken which has been fuelled by revenge, hate and or narrow minded ideology is an attack on everyone else in the world. Each and every act such as those are catalyst for the continuation and the beginning of all wars.
Those that carry their revenge to neighbouring countries or across oceans are taking the very war they are escaping with them. Those that pass down this revenge to their children continue the war into succeeding generations.
Here we are in a world that has more avenues to connect, to learn, to understand and to build than any other time yet we are still using violence as a method of communicating our frustrations. This will not change until each one of us changes. For that simple reason, ever single act of peace or war is a global act as well.

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